Munich:opening exhibition;Pinakothek der Moderne: “Jeff Wall in Munich”

by Venetia Kapernekas

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 – Pinakothek der Moderne – Munich, 7pm

jeff wall_an eviction

Opening of Jeff Wall in Munich

Curator: Inka Graeve Ingelmann

“….The exhibition, created in close cooperation with the artist, unites works in different collections in Munich for the first time. Largely dating from the 1980s and 1990s, this selection of 20 works provides a precise overview of the most important aspects in Jeff Wall’s work and includes now famous, frequently exhibited works such as “The Thinker” and “An Eviction”,  as well as less well-known pictures that are seldom shown such as “Park Drive” or “Diagonal Composition no. 2″…..

lenders of works for this exhibition: Sammlung Chrisa Döttinger; Sammlung Goetz; Sammlung Lothar Schirmel, Rüdiger Schöttle.

Film Matinees:  11.30 am in original language with german subtitles  at the Siemens-Auditorium at the Pinakothek  (entrance free)

10.11.2013  The Phantom Carriage/Der Fuhrmann des Todes, 1921 / Regie: Victor Sjöstrom

08.12.13      Das Weibe band, 2009 / Regie: Michael Haneke

12.01.14       Faustrecht der Freheit, 1975 / Regie: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

09.02.14   Old Joy, 2006/Regie: Kelly Reichert

09.03.14   The informant!/ Der informant!2009/ Regie: Stephen Soderbergh