Munich: Opera House; Bayerisches Staatsballett “Helden”

by Venetia Kapernekas

a beautiful evening at the Munich opera house with my young daughter to a new production “Helden”(Heroes)

Choreography by Terence Kohler

The music for the ‘symphonic ballet with a storyline’ is composed of pieces by Alfred Schnittke and Russian-American composer Lera Auerbach who worked closely with Kohler, contributing original scores for his work. Stage-, object- and costume design is by rosalie.

Helden/Heroes is a comprehensive theme: Kohler choses to focus in on the conflict between Epimetheus and Prometheus. According to mythology, the former assigned animals their character traits while the ladder brought fire down to earth – hence introducing culture to human kind which opens up doors to claim power. This might either be used to bring reason and useful items to humanity, or to surrender to the satisfying feeling of omnipotence which might ultimately become self-destructive. Terence Kohler extends this challenge to find reason into the here and now in search of hope for a better future ahead.”