Zürich; art gallery weekend:Löwenbrau Art Complex bldg galleries; Hauser & Wirth; Eva Presenhuber ;Grieder Contemporary ; Maag Areal galleries:Peter Kilchmann et more and the furniture designers INCH

by Venetia Kapernekas

A 24 hour trip to Zürich with my wonderful friend, art advisor /Munich, Martina Tauber to attend the gallery weekend fall opening  art scene.

We started with a wonderful exhibition at Bolte Lang gallery with the exhibition “Dirt Club” with  Henning Strassburger. A wonderful walk thru with  Chaja Lang.


Bolte Lang gallery, Henning Straussburger, exhibition view, photo@VK

Moving to Maag Areal to Peter Kilchmann for Fernanda Gomes; first solo show at the gallery; a beautiful and poetic exhibition. On display, there are new works made out of basic materials, such as wood, plexiglass, paper, threads and metal. Gomes transformed these objects in a subtle way, to create unusual, suggestive connections between the various materials.




Fernanda Gomes at Peter Kilchmann, photos by VK by permission

Next stop at Eva Presenhuber Gallery for Martin Boyce exhibition “Inside rooms drift in and out of sleep While on the roof An Alphabet of aerials Search for a language”

The works of Martin Boyce speak of other spaces.

Of spaces that seem near to us yet remain strange. Of spaces in which the familiarity of the objects collides with the abstractness of their forms, and an echo of history reverberates in the presence of their physicality. Of spaces in which the organic appears in architectural form, the outworn in the untouched, and the everyday in the exemplary. And of spaces that open and shut, that fold the inner outward and the outer inward, of spaces that become passageways in which the expanse of landscape continues to breathe in the seclusion of the interior. (gallery press)


Martin Boyce, “While on the Roof”, 2015, jesmonite,steel and aluminum


Martin Boyce, “Dead Star”(yellow), 2015, painted & blackened steel, photo@VK


Martin Boyce “Dead Star (metal palms0”, 2015, painted steel, brass, cast and painted bronze, 2-parts chandelier,  photo@VK

Next  stop at Grieder Contemporary “Abstract Horizons” with  Shara Hughes, Rebecca Morris, Caragh Thuring curated by Melli Ink. Lovely talk with Melli Ink also about her own  lovely ceramic work; Thank you Melli for your lovely book gift.

Sarah Hughes, Rebecca Morris and Caragh Thuring represent a new generation of painters who have discovered working methods and forms of expression enabling   each of them to develop a wholly personal and independent visual idiom. All three take great pleasure in the act of painting, in experimenting and in consciously opting for the myriad of possibilities offered by painting as a genre. 


Caragh Thuring at Grieder Contemporary


Rebecca Morris at Grieder Contemporary

Continue to Löwenbrau Art Complex  galleries bldg at Limmatstrasse ;  Martin Creed and Josephsohn at Hauser & Wirth ; Followed by the Season Opening Summer Party
Performance by Martin Creed and his Band

Words and sound play an essential role in Martin Creed’s work. He considers his work as a musician and composer as inseparable from his work as a visual artist. Indeed, his paintings and sculptures can be thought of very much like pieces of music, in which each interpretation is different and in which rhythm and colour plays an important role…(gallery press) 





Martin Creed at Hauser & Wirth, photo@VK
We continued to Eva Presenhuber for the Franz West/Möbelskulpturen_Furniture Works  and Josh Smith.  Thank you Christian Schmidt for walking us thru those lovely exhibitions.




 Josh Smith exhibition at Eva Presenhuber gallery, photos@VK
Taking a look at the Pool Project “A Blind Man in His Garden” 
The exhibition is curated by de Appel alumni Kris Dittel (b. 1983, Slovakia) and Emma Panza (b. 1985, Italy) and mentored by Lorenzo Benedetti, Director at de Appel arts center, Amsterdam. (on view till sept 27, 2015)

A Blind Man in His Garden is an exhibition that emphasizes subjective narratives, and puts forward a reading of an artwork, or exhibition, based on personal associations, previous knowledge and encounters. The title of the exhibition also refers to Joel Sternfeld’s photograph, A Blind Man in His Garden, Homer, Alaska, which suggests that there is a potential of artworks to trigger single or multiple narratives. By shifting the attention away from the visual experience of a lush rural landscape towards the imagination of vivid sensations, probably felt by the depicted man, the artwork encompasses numerous possibilities to experience it beyond its visual qualities. (curators’ note)


Jorge Pardo, Laverriere Janette,Peter Fischli/David Weiss,Mark Bradhford,Monica Bonvicini


Danai Anesiadou, “L’Adolescente”, 2010


Seth Price, “Untitled”,1985/1996, silkscreen print on metal,114.3x 57.2 cm


Next day, Martina and myself, upon her insistence,  we visited the studio of the furniture designers INCH, whom we have seen in Basel in 2013, at the Unlimited restaurant. Inch furniture has stood for teak furniture since the founding year 2004. The founders Thomas Wüthrich and Yves Raschle got to know the woodworking school PIKA during a longer non-profit making work stay in Indonesia.  The available knowhow and the exemplary running of the school impressed and inspired the two. The idea for a co-operation with PIKA was born which was a lovely coincidence.


Basel, 2013,  Art Unlimited restaurant, run by HILTL vegetarian catering.


one of my favorites at INCH, “Enam”,  Solid teak, oiled



A glimpse into the production site of the woodworking school PIKA. The carpentry enterprise was founded in 1953 and in 1971, complemented with a school. Beside manufacturing high-quality furniture, PIKA has also made a name for themselves countrywide as an exemplary education institution.


In the distinctive bridge arches of Zurich’s “im Viadukt”, the showroom Westflügel.