Zurich; Daniel Gustav Cramer ‘Sixteen Works’ at Bolte Lang gallery

by Venetia Kapernekas

24th of October – 28th of November 2015

A beautiful outing in Zurich last weekend, to enjoy the exhibition by Daniel Gustav Cramer at Bolte Lang gallery. I am a truly admirer of the poetics of Gustav Kramer’s work since 2012 (dOCUMENTA(13), curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Kassel, Germany.

Daniel Gustav Cramer’s exhibition is in its essence a portrait of a landscape, of a man on a road, lost in his thoughts; it’s a portrait of the experience of a single moment. If you take this image as a starting point, the exhibition unfolds and reveals the different faces a journey can have. There is for one the strange sense of time, which feels rather in points of time, personified, present, than a continuous flow – every curve offers a new encounter of it. (gallery press)



                                                                                  installation view of the  exhibition,  photos@VK

Daniel Gustav Cramer’s works are the amalgam of an ongoing research, like a traveler’s journal that describe the human conditions they draw its images from a collective experience and our commonly shared memories. Our urge to explore, to collect and to archive, to eventually connect our journey to a relevant memory is something Cramer is trying to capture through a variety of formal and linguistic strategies, through live experiences and the appropriation of existing memories. (gallery press) 


                                                         during evening opening, Chaja Lang (left), Martina Tauber (right), photos@VK

A beautiful dinner followed at the  lovely near by restaurant, Zumfink, on Josefstrasse in the buzzing Kreis 5 quarter.   A lovely evening, warm atmosphere.  Than you beautiful ladies,  Chaja Land and Anna Bolte.

lovely Anna Bolte at Greulich dinner, photo@VK


Daniel Gustav Kramer (left), photo@VK


                                                       Installation view Sant’Ilario Pavilion at THEVIEW Studio, October 2015, photo@BolteLang gallery

(1) Unpolished and rough, displaced and on display, the pieces have been inhabiting as a temporary storage the small architecture of the “Sant’Ilario Pavilion” (2015), an exhibition project by THEVIEW Studio conceived and directed by Vittorio Dapelo, curated by Francesco Garutti and set along the ligurian Riviera. www.theviewstudio.com