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Munich;discussion at Haus der Kunst “Intolerable: Giving Offence and the Limits of Free Expression”

Haus der kunst organized on Thursday night, Feb 13th an evening panel with three leading thinkers to engage in a discussion that tried to  illuminate  critical questions.  Panelists were  Matthias Lilienthal (director of the Munich Kammerspiele from September 2015), Hito Steyerl  (filmmaker and author (born in 1966 in Munich) lives and works in Berlin) and Joachim Bernauer  (director of the Goethe-Institut’s department of culture); the moderator is Okwui Enwezor, director Haus der Kunst.

photo 2 copy

“The recent killings of journalists and police guards in the Paris offices of the satirical French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” have brought to public debate fresh appraisals of the relationship between intolerance, free expression, censorship, and the right to offend sensibilities, be they cultural or religious, political, or ideological. But there is not always an easy distinction of where to draw the limit of free speech and who has the right to impose a limit on expression, regardless of how offensive such expression may be deemed.

At the same time, questions posed by the killings in Paris can be analyzed from the view of the current conflicted state of global, multicultural societies. This issue becomes urgent, particularly when giving offence converges with intolerance under the guise of free expression. But is there a point when offensive images, expressions, and representations become intolerable? Is intolerance of certain types of expression the same as censorship of thought? Can there ever be a limitless sphere of free expression in today’s increasingly plural, multicultural, transnational, and global societies? These questions are all the more pertinent within the realm of artistic and cultural practice, particularly as they meet at the point where institutions must provide an open and unrestricted space for challenging ideas and concepts.” (haus der kunst, press release) 

more at Haus der kunst details 

Munich; Villa Stuck, opening of “Common Grounds”

12 February-17 May 2015 ; a very interesting exhibition opened Wednesday night at  Villa Stuck, “Common Grounds” curated by Verena Hein 

artists: Susan Hefuna, Sophia Al Maria, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige,Bouchra Khalili, Nasser Al Salem, Ahmed Mater,Dor Guez, DAAR ‒ Decolonising Architecture Art Residency (established in in Palestine in 2007 by Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti, and Eyal Weizmann),Babak Golkar, Parastou Forouhar, Abbas Akhavan.

photo 1 copy

“The rising cities of the Gulf region and arenas of conflict in the Middle East are captivating subjects of media coverage. Both in terms of their content and through their manipulative aesthetic, the often extreme images from these areas shape our western view of the region. Twelve artists counter this flood of images with more diverse artistic practices that reflect on social conditions. Some of these artists ‒ Ahmed Mater, Hazem Harb, and Nasser Al Salem ‒ are for the first time introduced to the German and Munich public…..   The exhibition title refers to the concept of “grounding” in communication theory, which posits that communication partners share common knowledge, which allows for dialog to be successful.” (Villa Stuck Press release)

more here

following the opening exhibition an Artist Panel followed  with Chris Dercon, Director, Tate Modern, London and the following artists:
Abbas Akhavan, Parastou Forouhar, Babak Golkar, Susan Hefuna, and Ahmed Mater, with an introduction by Maya El Khalil, director of Athr Gallery, Jeddah

full  program

Munich; walk thru_Haus der kunst with Okwui Enwezor of the exhibition David Adjaye: Form, Heft, Material

Thursday, february 5th at 7 pm : A walk thru with Okwui Enwezor, director of Haus der Kunst, with the Freunde of the exhibition that just opened few days ago of the heterogeneous work  architect David Adjaye (b. 1966): “Form, Heft, Material”

The survey exhibition, the most extensive of Adjaye’s career, is organized by Haus der Kunst and Art Institute of Chicago. It is curated by Okwui Enwezor, director of Haus der Kunst, Munich, and Zoë Ryan, John H. Bryan Chair and Curator of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago.

photo 1



The heterogeneous work of architect David Adjaye (b. 1966) comprises approximately 50 built projects – from luxury shops and museums to libraries and social housing. His most recent commissions include the design of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., as well as the National Museum of Slavery and Freedom in Cape Coast, Ghana. The buildings of the Ghanaian-British architect are often developed in collaboration with artist friends, including the homes he designed for Chris Ofili, Sue Webster and Tim Noble, and Lorna Simpson and James Casebere (Haus der kunst, press release) 

photo 3


photo 4

photos@VK (walk thru)

but here at picture gallery, you see some of Adjaye’s architecture 

Lectures and Seminars:
Thursday, 05.03, 7 pm
“Role Models: Approximations to David Adjaye”
Lecture by Nikolaus Hirsch, Respondent: Okwui Enwezor
In English

Friday, 06.03, 10 am – 2 pm
Half-day seminar held by Nikolaus Hirsch
In German

Thursday, 09.04, 7 pm
“Form, Heft, Material — Works 2000-2014”
Lecture by David Adjaye
In English

more details here

Munich; at Haus der Kunst: Mark Leckey:”As If “and David Adjaye: “Form, Heft, Material”

HdK Preview opening  for  Mark Leckey: “As If “and David Adjaye: “Form, Heft, Material”

30.01 – 31.05.15  Mark Leckey: As If 

“….The exhibition’s layout at Haus der Kunst is structured according to four chapters: The show opens with autobiographical works – from “Are You Waiting” (1996), a precursor to “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore”, to “MyAlbum: A Rough-Demo Video,” (2014-15) a filmed autobiography, which is premiered as a demo version. Mark Says Leckey: “‘MyAlbum’ is a record of all the events in my life during the twentieth century that I feel were significant. It is a memoir from 1954 until 1999.” In the central space, all five of the artist’s “Sound Systems” (2001–12) are presented for the first time as an ensemble…” (HdK exhibition release)

photo 2 copy


photo 1 copy


photo 3 copy 3

more events for the exhibition here 

30.01 – 31.05.15 David Adjaye: Form, Heft, Material

The heterogeneous work of architect David Adjaye (b. 1966) comprises approximately 50 built projects – from luxury shops and museums to libraries and social housing. His most recent commissions include the design of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., as well as the National Museum of Slavery and Freedom in Cape Coast, Ghana. The buildings of the Ghanaian-British architect are often developed in collaboration with artist friends, including the homes he designed for Chris Ofili, Sue Webster and Tim Noble, and Lorna Simpson and James Casebere…” (HdK release)photo 2

photo 3




more on lectures and seminars on the exhibition 

Munich; finissage of Florine Stettheimer at Lenbachhaus Kunstbau and at Brandhorst Museum “Dark Pop-Extended Version”

A visit last Sunday afternoon at Lenbachhaus Kunstbau -last day the wonderful exhibition of Florine Stettheimer.   I have written in this blog during the opening of the exhibition, on Sept 27th, 2014 


Her pictures and poems, her designs for studios and stages constitute a modern synthesis of the arts and a chronicle of urban life. Stettheimer painted beauty contests and the revelries of celebrities, skyscrapers, Wall Street, and consumer culture, anticipating many of the interests that would later animate Pop Art. Her oeuvre is a source of inspiration for some of the most fascinating artists working today.

At Brandhorst Museum, “Dark Pop-Extended Version, new installations of artists: Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, Robert Gober, Mike Kelley, Cady Noland, Jeff Koons, Louise Lawler et al.

photo copy 2


Achim Hochdoerfer, the new appointed director in 2014 of the Museum has done a wonderful and playful presentation of the collection and the new pieces that have been added. The Mike Kelley rooms are great, the Bruce Nauman in the same room with Polke and the Louise Lawler installation were my highlights.

photo copy 4



photo copy 3

Pop Art’s seemingly blissful embrace of the consumer world was haunted from the first by a gloomy undertone. Warhol’s images of glamorous celebrities and glittering fetishes of consumption were interspersed with motifs of violence, sensationalism and metaphors of death. As if an icon, the tondo of Marilyn Monroe was created after her suicide. For its counterpart of the smiling Jackie Kennedy, Warhol used photos that were reproduced endlessly after the president’s assassination. These works seem to mirror back to us the cynicism of our supposedly enlightened pragmatism. (museum press release)

photo copy 6


and in my favorite rooms, the Cy Twombly sculptures


photo copy 5


Switzerland; visiting Lower Engadine; Sils Maria, St. Moritz, Zuoz, S-Chanf

Engadin: one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland ; some fabulous  days for Christmas with  Udo Brandhorst and our lovely daughter Ana Nefeli  in Waldhaus Hotel in Sils Maria; the panoramic views are so amazing clear and stunning that you have to rub your eyes to make sure you are not in a Hollywood epic; speaking of,  last days Waldhaus has received much attention due to the just released  movie “The Clouds of Sils Maria” with Juliette Binoche and Kristen  Stewart.

Here, a large stretch of lake, a sprinkling of villages and the sheer rock face of bare mountains towering over the expanse make for a very unique landscape.

In a letter Nietzsche once referred to it as being “heroic and idyllic”. This is where the philosopher penned part of his widely acclaimed work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.



Sils Maria, photo@Udo Brandhorst


Sils Maria, photo@Udo Brandhorst

waldahus 2




photo 2




photos@VK, december 2014



Such a joy to enjoy the nature and driving to the mountains.  As I do not have captured yet the fine sport of skiing, I projected  somehow my alternate possibilities and challenged myself  by driving high up to the mountains and  escalating afterwards down to the lovely village of Pochiavo, (speaking italian here)

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 4

photo 5 copy

photo 4 copy

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5 copy 2

photo 3 copy

photo 3 copy 2

Church of San Vittore in Poschiavo

photo 4 copy 2

photos@VK, december 201

I treasured the moments during my long drive to stop at Bernina cafe, close to Lagalb Diavolezza slopes slopes to have  a hot chestnut soup with Udo Brandhorst and talk about art.

While capturing amazing moments of nature and beauty, I visit briefly and had  tea lovely Ladina Florineth, who owns the Villa Flor, a charming seven-room hotel that opened last summer in a renovated patrician house in the town of S-Chanf. The original and conserved Jugendstil ornaments have been restored with much love and professional work. They are now part of the unique atmosphere, which plays unaffected between the present and the faded charme of the past.
Philosophers, authors, artists always came here, but it was usually to the upper valley,” said Ladina “Now people are discovering the lower part, which is becoming more important” 

We had our tea during  her break preparing a lovely set of photographs by the Korean artist Bookchang Koo “White on white “where was to open next evening (exhibition in collaboration with Ivory Press)




Villa Flor in S-Chanf, photo@VK


Bohnchang Koo, @invitation card “White on White

a beautiful book, present by Ladina,  her previous art exhibition, Philipp Keel.

photo copy

Upon my arrival  my first night in Engadin, I attended  lovely coctail event given  given by my dear friend and amazing jewelry designer Cora Sheibani for  her creations, at private home in St Moritz.. amazing creations! beautiful precious stones in amazing set designs! I love them all!



and of course, to visit the Nietzsche house in Sils Maria


Great walker
“Fortunately, you can’t change mountains or lakes,” says Joachim Kung, a Nietzsche scholar and the curator of the Nietzsche House in Sils Maria.

“Of course the area today is very touristy, but you can still find places where you can go for walks alone. Sils has also tried to keep away mass-tourism, so for instance, the parking lots have been put underground.”

The Nietzsche Haus displays manuscripts, letters, works and even the man’s death mask.But it mainly serves as a meeting place for Nietzschean scholars, offering them board and lodging, and organising discussions, debates and exhibitions immersed in the scenery that so inspired the great philosopher.


Munich; Espace Louis Vuitton invites Min-Jeong Seo who took up residency at Espace Tokyo and art critic Aomi Okabe

In Tokyo, In Situ-1, Espace Louis Vuitton: Sept 13, 2014-January 4th, 2015

A lovely evening last Friday at Espace Louis Vuitton to attend a conversation between  the artist Min-Jeong Seo and art critic Aomi Okabe  on the project where the artist has been in a  residency at the Espace/Louis Vuitton, In Situ-1,  in Tokyo, from September to November 2015 (conversation in japanese, with live german translation)



Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo and Munich launch the  experience Of In-Situ in September 2014  by welcoming South Korean artist Min-Jeong Seo and Malaysian artist Simryn Gill, respectively.

In Tokyo, In Situ/Espace Louis Vuitton Min-Jeong Seo  “opens the door to her ‘studio’ for about four months to share her experience of working in situ with the audience and show the progress of her work. She establishes a bold dialogue between creation and destruction with poetic and highly symbolic installations. By sculpting, breaking and scraping fragile materials such as polystyrene or porcelain, the artist evokes fragility and uncertainty of life, and notions of instant and time.”







photos@published photos, Louis Vuitton In Situ/Tokyo

Min-Jeong also talked about her previous work ‘Explosion” 


as well as the black/white birds made out of porcelain.


photos@Min-Jeong Seo

Munich: Preview opening night: Anri Sala: The Present Moment / “Der Öffentlichkeit — Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst” EXHIBITION 18.10.14 – 20.09.15

18.10.14 – 20.09.15

A beautiful preview opening last night with a fabulous sound & video piece by Anri Sala, “The Present Moment” at the Haus der Kunst’s central Middle Hall.

Sounddesign: Olivier Goinard



DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT – Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst, Anri Sala, The Present Moment, 2014, (in D), Filmstill, Courtesy of Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris; Marian Goodman Gallery, New York; and Hauser & Wirth. © Anri Sala

Sala’s installation revolves around the question of the immediate present in an art form bound to concepts of temporality and transience. What does it mean to consider the “now” in music? Does sound allow the present to be experienced? Can a composition’s temporality be reduced to the “here and now” of its presence? How can such questions be made tangible to an audience? (HdK press release)

For the third edition of the annual commission “Der Öffentlichkeit — Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst” Anri Sala has designed a multichannel sound and video installation. With this work, he continues his exploration of musical compositions in the existing architecture of exhibition spaces, most recently demonstrated in the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2013.

photo 2

Anri Sala in this project  devotes his attention to the genre of chamber music, an intimate format that – for the artist – stands in dynamic contrast to the public nature of the work presented in the expansive spaces of Haus der Kunst.


photo 1

photo 3


photos @VK

Presentation of the project by Okwui Enwezor, director of Haus der Kunst

more here http://www.hausderkunst.de/ausstellungen/detail/anri-sala-der-oeffentlichkeit-von-den-freunden-haus-der-kunst/?no_cache=1

Ulm; day visit with the Freunde of HdK; the Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Neu-Ulmer Kunst GmbH and The Walther Collection

A day trip to the city of Ulm with the Freunde of HdK, starting early morning from Munich. Thanks to our wonderful managing director, Ms Elke Bernhart  for a beautiful and so well organized day.

First stop the Kunsthalle Weisphaupt, given a tour of the collection by Siegfried Weishaupt.



“I collect intuitively,” is one of Siegfried Weishaupt`s understatements describing his talent for discovering works of art. This passion has occupied the industrialist from Schwendi, near Ulm, and his wife Jutta for more than four decades. The result is an outstanding ensemble of exquisite works by famous artists, which cannot be explained by intuition only….over the  years, the collector and his wife Jutta have expanded their focus from the geometric “Concrete” art to other art movements: First to the Abstract Expressionism of US artists as Mark Rothko for instance, or to the work of Robert Rauschenberg giving a new impetus, then to Pop Art and contemporary art movements.

photo 2



more here : http://www.kunsthallenweishaupt.de/web/index.php

a beautiful lunch followed at the courtyard of the Kunthalle

photo 5


afterwards we visit the Neu-Ulmer Kunst GmbH (works by Martin Kippenberger, Francis Bacon, Uli Pohl, Klaus Hack, Niki de Saint Phalle, Günther Uecker among many others.

photo 2 copyphoto 3 copy

photo 4 copy


and last stop the Walther Collection

photo 2 copy 2

at the moment the exhibition “Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive”  curated by Tamar Garb. (June 9. 2013-May 17, 2015 ) This exhibition brigs together late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century portraits, rates de visit, postcards, album pages, and books from Southern and Eastern Africa, set in dialogue with recent photography and video by contemporary artists who have engaged with photographic archives.

photo 5 copy

photo 4 copy 2

photo 3 copy 2

photo 1 copy 2

more here http://www.walthercollection.com/#/main@home_main



Berlin; visit for the 6th Annual Gathering of the Int’l Council Museum Berggruen; David Bowie and Ai Weiwei at Martin-Gropius-Bau and more…

A  two day visit in Berlin on the occasion of the 6th Annual gathering of the International Council Museum Berggruen Berlin.

The celebration started with a very interesting panel discussion “Imagining The Future of the Museums” featuring Hans Ulrich Obrist, Katharina Fritsch, Jeff Coons, TarySimon with welcome note by Udo Kittelman, Director National Galerie-StaatlichMuseen zu Berlin.

photo 3

photo 5


photo 1


diner followed at “orangerie” at Charlottenburg Palace

photo 1 copy


next day a short visit at Martin-Gropius-Bau for an exhibition of David Bowie 

20 may to 10 august 2014

more here https://www.berlinerfestspiele.de/en/aktuell/festivals/gropiusbau/programm_mgb/programm_mgb_ausstellungen.php

and Ai WeiWei-Evidence

Modernism is the original creation of enlightened human beings, it is the ultimate observation of the meaning of existence and the misery of reality; it keeps a wary eye on society and power; it never makes compromises and never cooperates.
Ai Weiwei 1997 (quoted from “Ai Weiwei – Der verbotene Blog”, Galiani: Berlin, 2011)

photo 2 copy

photo 4 copy





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