Ulm; day visit with the Freunde of HdK; the Kunsthalle Weishaupt, Neu-Ulmer Kunst GmbH and The Walther Collection

by Venetia Kapernekas

A day trip to the city of Ulm with the Freunde of HdK, starting early morning from Munich. Thanks to our wonderful managing director, Ms Elke Bernhart  for a beautiful and so well organized day.

First stop the Kunsthalle Weisphaupt, given a tour of the collection by Siegfried Weishaupt.



“I collect intuitively,” is one of Siegfried Weishaupt`s understatements describing his talent for discovering works of art. This passion has occupied the industrialist from Schwendi, near Ulm, and his wife Jutta for more than four decades. The result is an outstanding ensemble of exquisite works by famous artists, which cannot be explained by intuition only….over the  years, the collector and his wife Jutta have expanded their focus from the geometric “Concrete” art to other art movements: First to the Abstract Expressionism of US artists as Mark Rothko for instance, or to the work of Robert Rauschenberg giving a new impetus, then to Pop Art and contemporary art movements.

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more here : http://www.kunsthallenweishaupt.de/web/index.php

a beautiful lunch followed at the courtyard of the Kunthalle

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afterwards we visit the Neu-Ulmer Kunst GmbH (works by Martin Kippenberger, Francis Bacon, Uli Pohl, Klaus Hack, Niki de Saint Phalle, Günther Uecker among many others.

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and last stop the Walther Collection

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at the moment the exhibition “Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive”  curated by Tamar Garb. (June 9. 2013-May 17, 2015 ) This exhibition brigs together late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century portraits, rates de visit, postcards, album pages, and books from Southern and Eastern Africa, set in dialogue with recent photography and video by contemporary artists who have engaged with photographic archives.

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more here http://www.walthercollection.com/#/main@home_main