Munich; Esther Donatz gallery; new photographs by Susann Körner

by Venetia Kapernekas

28.06.2014  – 26.07.2014

A beautiful and poetic exhibition of photographs by Susann Körner;  The photographs exhibited at Esther Donatz Gallery are surprising and irritating at the same time.



Although the locations are not specified, the interweaving of the depicted elements and their environment is central: Space and objects enter into a dialogue with each other and form a unit of suggestive complexity. Signs initiate new meanings and ways of interpretation. Susann Körner creates further cross-references by collecting her works in a comprehensive archive to eventually re-arrange and present them in diverse contexts. “Vicinities” and “after-images” evolve.

Susann Körner_Venetia Kapernekas at Opening Esther Donatz Gallery_June 27 2014

photo@Esther Donatz (Susann Körner & Venetia Kapernekas)