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Munich; the elegant “Claire Obscure” at Galerie Andreas Binder

“Claire Obscure”, 5th of February till 16th of April 2016 at Galerie Andreas Binder 
with Philipp Lachenmann, Matthias Meyer, Yigal Ozeri, Stefan Hunstein, Jan Davidoff, Anna Krammig, Rolf Walz, Dieter Rehm, Julio Rondo, Anna Navasardian, Gerhard Richter, and Sigmar Polke. (curated by Veronika Binder)
finissage reception :  Thursday, April 7th
binder_020Installation View, CLAIRE OBSCURE @ Galerie Andreas Binder 2016
Yigal Ozeri
Photo: Kilian Blees

Coming back from small vacation in Toscana, was refreshing to see again this beautiful and elegant exhibition at the Andreas Binder gallery yesterday afternoon.  The gallery bathed in natural brightness and  the elegant and careful arrangement of the works captivated me for few moments;  the recently retouched small rooms in  melancholic grey colour supplemented to a serene engaging dialogue between the works.

binder_022 2Installation View,CLAIRE OBSCURE @ Galerie Andreas Binder 2016
Yigal Ozeri, Gerhard Richter
Photo: Kilian Blees

 Based on the French translation of the style concept Chiaroscuro, the exhibition ‘Claire Obscure’ is devoted to contemporary artworks, which are especially marked by their play with a brightness darkness contrast.  Interpreting the concept as a since the Renaissance prevalent aesthetic technique to dramatize and vitalize the scene by bathing the motif in light against a dark background does, however, not exhaust the possible readings of Claire Obscure. (galerie press)

AM_Yigal_Ozeri_wT_Olya@ Galerie Andreas Binder 2016

…..Interestingly, photography became a reference point for contemporary painting with respect to ways of how to confront a possible reality……

binder_002Installation View, CLAIRE OBSCURE @ Galerie Andreas Binder 2016
Matthias Meyer, Gerhard Richter, Philipp Lachenmann
Photo: Kilian Blees

..the visitor of the exhibition ‘Claire Obscure’ sees himself/herself confronted with works that appear in their superficial, decorative aesthetic immediately accessible. Despite a commonly dark coloring and a romantic and mysterious charm the works still allow to be understood and felt in a from postmodern art discourses and from an autonomous aesthetic removed manner.

binder_009Installation View,CLAIRE OBSCURE @ Galerie Andreas Binder 2016
Julio Rondo, Dieter Rehm, Jan Davidoff
Photo: Kilian Blees

see here an older post on Stefan Hunstein and his book “IM EIS”presented at Kammerspiele Theater 

 Chiaroscuro (English pronunciation: /kiˌɑːrəˈskjʊəroʊ/; Italian: [ˌkjaroˈskuːro]; Italian for light-dark) in art is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. It is also a technical term used by artists and art historians for the use of contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modelling three-dimensional objects and figures.[1] Similar effects in cinema and photography also are called chiaroscuro. (see Wiki)


Paris; visiting the paris photo et more…

A lovely weekend in  Paris by  train to visit the Paris Photo at Grand Palais and some more nice exhibitions,  not efficient  time to visit the Louis Vuitton new bldg by Frank Gehry.. (good excuse for soon again new  visit)

photo 2

photo 1photo 5

photo 3

Katy Grannat :  upstairs exhibition;  new MoMA acquisitions

541f0020b22d0collier-schorr-moma Collier Schorr, “Picture of Women”, 2010, MoMa aquisition

a crowded Ropac booth,  a fantastic installation of Robert Mapplethorpe, curated by Isabelle Huppert.

photo copy


And of course my favorite gallery from New York with fabulous presentation, Howard Greenberg gallery

A Saturday visit at Patrick Seguin gallery in Paris’s Bastille neighborhood (ccupying a 300 sqm (3200 sq ft) space, rearchitectured by Jean Nouvel)

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2The exhibition at the present is called Kurimanzutto hosting works by Damián Ortega, Gabriel Kuri, Jonathan Hernández, Gabriel Orozco, Jimmie Durham, Gabriel Sierra and Rirkrit Tiravanija. “… this exhibition unfolds around considerations on the themes of accessibility to the public, of restriction to domestic use, but also of travel experience, of exile and areas of conflict.
kurimanzutto was established in 1999, in Mexico City, with the aim of bringing together and supporting the work of a group of young artists, both Mexican and foreign.” (gallery press release)

photo 1


more here http://www.patrickseguin.com/en/exhibitions/2014/kurimanzutto/

continued to Marais area, at Ropac gallery; downstairs a lovely exhibition by Lisa Lou “Ixube” and  upstairs Tomorrow’s Man” curated by Jack Pierson. 


Liza Lou at Ropac @ Ropac gallery

photo 1

photo 2photos@VK by permission

at Marian Goodman, a Giovanni Anselmo beautiful installation




@published photos on gallery site

Saturday late afternoon at  Gagosian gallery,  a solo exhibition by Cecily Brown (her first one in Paris- all new works), exhibition runs October 19-December 20, 2014

Something that’s just glimpsed seems more real than something that’s fully described.
—Cecily Brown


more on the exhibition here http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/cecily-brown–october-19-2014

An amazing evening dinner (thanks to an invitation by my doctor Dr Rubinger, at Porte 12  at Rue de Messageries, on 10th, with heading Chef Vincent Crepel;  Taiwanese chef André Chiang (whose restaurant Andre in Singapore) opened Porte 12 just 2 months ago: interesting journey to wonderful high taste menu. “Reactivating what was once a textile and lingerie atelier, Porte 12 has been created in harmony within the fundamentals of its predecessors – e marvelous artistry works of one’s pair of hands and ceaseless interminable inspirations – merged in a blend of contemporary and old, creativity and simplicity.”






Munich;Haus der Kunst-Anri Sala-conversation on his “The Present Moment ” ; Giorgos Sapountzis at Barbara Gross Galerie “Die Landschaften Griechenlands”

Last night at the Haus der Kunst, a very interesting discussion/analysis with Anri Sala; Bridget MacRae, solo cellist with the Münchener Kammerorchester [Munich Chamber Orchestra]; and Alexander Liebreich, artistic director of the Münchener Kammerorchester. Moderated by Patrizia Dander, curator of the installation “The Present Moment”.

photo 1


The discussion addressed  differences and points of contact between musical and visual artistic approaches, particularly in relation to the realization process of “The Present Moment”.

“The Present Moment” is on view at Haus der Kunst.  Anri Sala’s  point of departure was the string sextet “Transfigured Night (Op. 4)”, a chamber music composition by Arnold Schönberg. For this sound and video installation created in the context of the annual commission “Der Öffentlichkeit – Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst”, Sala adopted Schönberg’s piece in a sensitive manner, translating it into a spatial-temporal mediation on the experience of “temporal presence”  in an art form that is fleeting and ephemeral.


opening evening for Giorgos Sapountzis, new work at Barbara Gross galerie. “Die Landschaften Griechenlands”

…with materials familiar in his  practice, traversing the colorful fabrics, tubular metal rods, and a great animation video film.



still from the animation film@VK

Ludwig I commissioned one of his favourite landscape artists Carl Rottman (in 1832, foreign powers established a monarchy in Greece after its liberation from Ottoman rule).  Rottman travelled to 23 locations in Greece’s mainland and coastline, during a 12 month trip to study the country’s scenery….


photo 2



exhibition photo@VK

…Sapountzis interested in how a scenography of a place effects its inhabitants, he  considers -crucially-how the past is embedded in the present rather that reading the history of Rottman’s Greek style directly in his work….

a tasty and intimate small dinner afterwards at Flower Cafe.

photo 3

photo 4

Giorgos Sapountzis,classy thinker


more here http://www.barbaragross.de/artists/53



Munich: Deborah Schamoni gallery; “Passing Place” by Gerry Bibby

06.07. – 13.09.2014

An afternoon spent at my favorite Munich gallery,at Deborah Schamoni for “Passing Place” by Australian artist Gerry Bibby.  A beautiful and elegant sculpture exhibition with a touch of poetry.



photo credit@Deborah Schamoni gallery

photo 1 copy

photo 3

photos by permission of the gallery@VK

“….Our little walk on this Sunny day revealed to my nephew and I, a sign on a post painted slick black. The sign was square-ish and its rounded corners softened the strangeness of its proposition. In black letters, Capitalised but also with rounded sharp corners, it said PASSING PLACE. I was immediately floored, so to speak. I had the distinct feeling, after reading these letters that I was about to pass in to some other zone, another mind—without place.” (Gerry Bibby on the gallery press release)

more here http://deborahschamoni.com/exhibitions/gerry-bibby

photo 4

Zürich; fall opening art scene; Bolte Lang gallery;Kunsthalle Zürich and Löwenbrau Art Complex bldg galleries; Eva Presenhuber ; Bob van Orsouw;Grieder Contemporary

A 24 hour trip to Zürich with my wonderful friend, art advisor /Munich, Martina Tauber to attend the fall opening art scene.

We started with a wonderful exhibition at Bolte Lang gallery with the exhibition “like a virgin” by Athene Galiciadis. A wonderful walk thru with Anna Bolte and Chaja Lang.

Foto 1 copy 2

photo 1 copy
photo 3


…..The title, resulting from the works as “écriture automatique”, not only describes the working process, but more concretely conveys the subject matter of Galiciadis’ empty, untainted vases, with their form, colour and haptic reminding the viewer of the young, female shape……
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats next to mine

more here http://www.boltelang.com/exhibitions/current/

a stop at Grieder  Contemporary  for Ross Chisholm “The Cratylists”. A wonderful walk thru the exhibition with Melanie Dankbar/director of the gallery



photo credit@Grieder Contemporary

The Cratylists (an allusion to Plato’s famous Cratylus dialogue)

“…The points of orientation for this new body of work have been the 18th century society portraits by Thomas Gainsborough, George Romney and most of all by Joshua Reynolds. The latter developed in his famous “Discourses on Art” an influential art theory based on classical and contemporary philosophical and art theoretical writings…” (gallery press release)

more here at gallery  http://www.grieder-contemporary.com

next , to Eva Presenhuber’s gallery  at MAAG Areal. Sam Falls, Los Angeles based artist  (exhibition  sold out  before the opening)


Foto 1


Foto 2

Sam Falls at Presenhuber, photo by permission@Martina Tauber

“….I took plants as the common subject matter for this body of work not only for their legacy in art history, but their reference to place. The works here were made from west to east, from the palm fronds in my backyard in Venice, California, to the abounding ferns bordering my mom’s hayfield where I grew up in Vermont, to the trees around the grounds of a recent residency in Sarvisalo, Finland. Beyond the native vegetation delineating geography, these “paintings” represent duration and environment, visible in the scattered heavy rains of Southern California, to the light spring mist in Vermont, to the consistent light drizzle of the Scandinavian archipelago…”  (Sam Falls on the gallery press release )


photo credit @published at Presenhuber gallery

more here http://www.presenhuber.com/en/exhibitions/2014/Sam-Falls.html

then to the Löwenbrau Art Complex:

at Bob van Orsouw’s gallery for  Nedko Solakov (Mixed Media-in at least four directions and one center)


Nedko Solakov, The Has-Beens Creator, 2014, oil on canvas

“…Nedko Solakov is a highly gifted storyteller. His drawings talk about everyday occurrences, but also turn out to be caustic commentaries on human existence, while, at the same time, shedding light on its absurdity…”(gallery press release)

and enjoying as always Bob van Orsouw’s  lovely office with  great pieces, this was my favorite above his desk

photo 2 copy 2

photo by permission @Vk

more here van Orsouw gallery http://www.bobvanorsouw.ch/artists/nedko-solakov

at Eva Presenhuber‘s for Wyatt Kahn  (New York based artist)

…..Kahn presents a new body of work which focuses on a concept of representation of an object through all its aspects: visual, sensational and conceptual. For these works, the shaped stretchers come together to create the shape of the actual object, the motifs used to cover the first layer of the stretchers are the epitome of the representation of that object, drawn by hand in an almost automatic way…..

Foto 1 copy


Martina Tauber at  the Wyatt Kahn show,  photo@VK

more here www.presenhuber.com/en/exhibitions/2014/Wyatt-Kahn.html

and Steven Shearer (Canadian artist) also at Eva Presenhuber gallery

Steven Shearer’s practice encompasses many different medias, from found photography, drawing, and painting to collage and focuses on a melancholic vision of youth, tinted by strong references to the iconography of extreme metal cuture. His world is one of alienation and repulsion towards the everyday, a world whose heroes are death-metal rockers, 1970s prefab boy bands and teen stars, amature glam-rockers and guitar-wielding teenaged suburban dreamers

and  Kunsthalle Zurich 


Kunsthalle Zürich opened  an extensive solo exhibition of the artist group Slavs and Tatars. Focusing on the “area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China”, the artistic and discursive work of Slavs and Tatars engages transcultural as well as transdisciplinary questions of history, politics, religion, and language.

Slavs and Tatars «Mirrors for Princes» (30.08. – 09.11.14)

more here http://kunsthallezurich.ch/index.php?id=5&L=1

a wonderful dinner followed at Times restaurant, invited by Eva Presenhuber gallery 



Followed by Löwenbräukunst summer party at the courtyard with music by Nifty’s, Aliev Bleh-Orkestar und Goran Potkonjak.



Munich; Esther Donatz gallery; new photographs by Susann Körner

28.06.2014  – 26.07.2014

A beautiful and poetic exhibition of photographs by Susann Körner;  The photographs exhibited at Esther Donatz Gallery are surprising and irritating at the same time.



Although the locations are not specified, the interweaving of the depicted elements and their environment is central: Space and objects enter into a dialogue with each other and form a unit of suggestive complexity. Signs initiate new meanings and ways of interpretation. Susann Körner creates further cross-references by collecting her works in a comprehensive archive to eventually re-arrange and present them in diverse contexts. “Vicinities” and “after-images” evolve.


Susann Körner_Venetia Kapernekas at Opening Esther Donatz Gallery_June 27 2014

photo@Esther Donatz (Susann Körner & Venetia Kapernekas)

Athens visit: May 15-18th highlights: Eleni Koroneou Gallery (Yorgos Sapountzis); “A Thousand Doors” curated by Iwona Blazwick at the Gennadius Library and Gardens; Andreas Angelidakis “Every End is A Beginning at EMΣΤ

a great exhibition of  Yorgos Sapountzis “Athens Screens” at ELENI KORONEOU GALLERY, Athens

30 April-7 June 2014




Sapountzis’s installations and performances combine elements of theatre, poetry and ritualistic practices, using the specific qualities of a medium to illicit greater interpretive possibilities. At the core of most of his projects are sculptural works that employ such flexible materials as aluminum sheets and rods, brightly colored fabric, pins, knots, strings, and newspaper. All these materials share certain qualities: they are light, flexible, ductile, their volumes can be reduced, they are easily transportable. The sculptures, in their carefully haphazard appearance, evoke a number of associations from banners carried at a protest to classic works of Modernism.(from gallery press)

more www.koroneougallery.com/exhibitions/2014/athens-screens/view:press[/embed]

“Every End is A Beginning by  Andreas Angelidakis at EMΣΤ -National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens 
14/05/2014 – 13/07/2014


The solo exhibition of the artist and architect Andreas Angelidakis entitled Every End is a Beginning presents a series of architectural studies that pertain to concepts such as reuse, mutation, transformation and relocation, and features works exploring the transition from one state to another. In the work Domesticated Mountain, a pile of cardboard boxes from online purchases transforms into a dwelling; in Troll, a block of flats transmutes into a mountain; in Cloud House and Menir, a cloud and a rock take the form of houses; in Casino, an entertainment venue transforms into an economic experiment; while in Walking Building an old factory becomes a hybrid museum….(museum press) 

more  http://www.emst.gr/EN/exhibitions/emst_exhibitions/main.aspx?


” A Thousand Doors” at Gennadius Library and Gardens,   curated by  Ivona Blazwick

organizers: NEON & WhiteChapel Gallery 




participants artists: Edward Allington, Matthew Barney, Christian Boltanski, Pavel Büchler, Michael Dean, Nina Fischer και Maroan el Sani, Ceal Floyer, Isa Genzken, Shuruq Harb, Nigel Henderson, Georg Herold, Susan Hiller, Hannah Höch, John Latham, Mark Manders, Juan Muñoz, Giuseppe Penone, Elizabeth Price, Michael Rakowitz, Annie Ratti, Meriç Algün Ringborg, Daniel Silver, Francis Upritchard, Adrián Villar Rojas, Jane και Louise Wilson, Γιάννης Κουνέλλης, Πάκυ Βλασσοπούλου, Κώστας Ιωαννίδης, Βαλεντίνα Κάργα, Νίκος Ναυρίδης.





Munich;Anne Imhof at Deborah Schamoni gallery; opening and performance

Anne Imhof 9.5-21.6.2014

Thursday night at Deborah Schamoni gallery a very interesting performance during the preview opening of Anne Imhof, commissioned and produced by Deborah Schamoni.





all photos below @deborah Schamoni gallery




25b_AnneImhof_web 9_AnneImhof_web






Anne Imhof was born in 1978 and lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and in Paris. She graduated from Städelschule in 2012, receiving the graduate prize for her final project. In 2013 she holds the fellowship of the Hessische Kulturstiftung.

more here http://deborahschamoni.com





Berlin; Gallery Weekend Visit; May 1st-May 4th

A lovely 3 days festivities in Berlin for the Berlin Gallery Weekend celebrating the 10 years.

Friday, May 2nd

Starting with a reception on Thursday early evening at Palais Festungsgraben and next  days to see as much possible starting at the Potsdamer Strasse strip area.  Friday, I started with the venture down Schöneberger  Ufer towards Esther Schipper‘s “Revenos a nos moutons”, a Liam Gillick exhibition that  plays up an illusionistic space between text and structure.  A mirrored room with a monitor installed at its center projects its content ad infinitum using repetition as a means of reduction.

photo 1 copy 4

photo 1 copy

Next door at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Premiered in Berlin is Wu Tsang’s 40-minute, two-channel A Day in the Life of Bliss (2014). This work follows BLIS (played by Boychild), who, according to the press release, “inhabits a ‘near future’ world in which our social media avatars and online personas developed their own hive-minded consciousness called LOOKS.” BLIS is a celebrity-collaborator by day and underground performer by night, who discovers her ability to challenge the Looks. Performance was on Friday evening at 8 pm by Wu Tsang and Boychild but was impossible to get in.

Continued next door, a Phillip Guston exhibition, works  from the late 60s,  at the elegant gallery of Aurel Scheibler. The exhibition comprises of a group of late drawings and works on canvas complemented by two important earlier paintings…the three charcoal drawings in the  show from 1968 and 1969 are important examples of Guston’s new, simplistic language, which he developed since 1966.


Continued at Sassa Trülzch for a wonderful fun exhibition  by Klaus von Bruch , series “In the Future…2008-2014” , Billboards, with a guest in the stair tower:Ingo Günther


KLAUS VOM BRUCH, from the series  In the Future … 2008–2014 Billboards
110 x 140 cm courtesy of Sassa Trülzsch

Continued at a new gallery Cubus-m for a very exciting and careful exhibition, curated by Christine Nippe “Folding Unfolding Space” with the artists Sylvie Boisseau & Frank Westrmeye, Simon Deppierraz, Christina Dimitriadis, Alois Godinat, Elin Jacobsdottir, Andrea Knobloch, Luc Mattenberger.  “In the group exhibition Folding Unfolding Space, at cubs-m the initially abstract concept ‘space’ is addressed. Through the artistic works, altered spatial contours unfold; WIth the help of the utilized media- like film photography, installation, lithography, three dimensional objects and works on paper –  the dimensions of space are artistically examined, negotiated and activated.”  Cristine Nippe, Curator


exhibition view/Folding Unfolding Space/photo @cubus-m

A small brake from the area and took the car and went to VW (Veneklasen Werner)  gallery to the opening exhibition of Huma Bhabha’s first solo exhibition in Berlin

…..the artist’s first solo exhibition in Berlin and features sculptures and collage drawings created in 2013 while Bhabha was artist-in-residence at The American Academy in Berlin. The influence of German art on the artist has never been more keenly felt; German Expressionism, the sculptures of Georg Baselitz and the photo drawings of Arnulf Rainer and Anselm Kiefer are among the art historical referents Bhabha explores in this new body of work….(gallery press)

BHA - installation view 3

BHA - installation view 8

Huma Bhabha, installation view at VW, 2014

Saturday, May 4th

Starting in Charlottenburg,visit Galerie Buchholz at Fasanenstrasse,  exhibition of Lutz Bacher “Homer”. In this exhibition, the artist presents a new suite of 14 photographs entitled “Homer”. This series depicts three off-duty Greek soldiers from the 1970s as they pose in an office, lounge on a couch, and smoke cigarettes on the street of nighttime. Duplications and repetitions of particular photographs upend a narrative progression as the cycle of images seems to stutter, shift, and repeat. …(gallery press release)



Lutz Backer exhibition, photo@galeriebuchholz

Heading to Mitte, a stop at Neugerriemschneider gallery for a Pae White exhibition.

White’s expansive installation in the main room of the gallery is an immersive environment, a highly complex and lyrical composition that consists of twenty-one hovering sculptural models, into which the artist has integrated light sources and various material elements.

photo 2 copy 3photo 3photo 1

Pae White exhibition, photos by permission @vk

a quick stop to Galerie Eigen +Art  on Augustrasse with Time Eitel and at the Lab with Despina Stokou..   Continued at Michael Fuchs galerie with a first solo exhibition of Marco Brambilla in Germany which features a large -scale 3D video installation from the Megaplex-series and a new body of work


3-D video installation of Marco Barbilla, Galerie Michael Fuchs

Munich;Adreas Binder Gallery; a highlight evening and artist talk with Joseph Zehrer and Dr Eva Karcher and music

Munich; Andreas Binder Gallery :a highlight evening and  artist talk with Joseph Zehrer and  Dr Eva Karcher with performance music by Pico Be  and Daniel Murena : “Walking words and spoken sounds“and generous presentation of drinks and wonderful food  by gracious and elegant Andreas and Veronica Binder.. thank you ! I enjoyed it very much.



photos @ VK  during the evening event by permission

more on the gallery here 



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