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New York: Lehman Maupin Gallery; Klara Kristalova “big girl now”

feb 27, 2014-april 26, 2014

A fantastic exhibition at Christie street location at Lehman Maupin gallery of the exhibition of new ceramic sculptures by Czechoslovakian-born and Sweden-based artist Klara Kristalova

In her second exhibition with the gallery, Kristalova continues her work in ceramics to visualize psychological states of being and explore the complexity of the human condition…..





Klara Kristalova, “Big Girl Now”
Installation views, 201 Chrystie Street

The arresting nature of Kristalova’s imagery is further heightened by the handcrafted quality of the surface and awkward scale of the sculptures. The female figure in Birdwoman (2013), for example, confronts the viewer with her black almond-shaped eyes, conveying a sense of scrutiny and confidence, but simultaneously seems uncomfortable with her beak for a nose and a body covered entirely in white feathers, each carefully textured and molded by the artist’s hand….” (gallery press) 

New York; “Warhol:Jackie” at Blain Di Donna gallery curated in collaboration with Bibi Khan

April 10-May 17, 2014

I attended a lovely opening of “Warhol:Jackie” at Blain Di Donna gallery and dinner followed at La Grenouille.

and dinner that followed for a wonderful exhibition of _MG_5159

“Deeply affected by the media coverage of JFK’s assassination, Warhol began the Jackie series in February 1964, continuing the Death and Disaster theme of his first European exhibition with Ileana Sonnabend in Paris, in January of that year.

The exhibition begins with the paintings of Jacqueline Kennedy on the day of JFK’s assassination on November 22, 1963, from the smiling Jackie arriving at Dallas Love Field, through the motorcade, to the administration of the oath for the new President Johnson on Air Force One, and finally, at the funeral, as she transforms from glamorous and iconic First Lady to grieving widow. Warhol cropped images taken from Life magazine and silkscreened them on to canvas. By cropping her face and repeating it, Warhol focused on Jackie’s grief and courage. The news was a unifying force during the President’s assassination as people repeatedly watched and read about the events of that week. Warhol gives us a reenactment of this tragic moment in America’s history through Mrs. Kennedy’s powerful image.” (gallery press release)

Warhol: Jackie has been curated in close collaboration with Bibi Khan, former curator of the Andy Warhol Foundation; it will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with an introduction by Bob Colacello, writer, former Warhol associate, and an essay by Judith Goldman, writer, former Whitney Museum curator and noted Warhol expert.

gallery details 

Munich; afternoon visit at Bernheimer Fine Art Photography; Michael Kenna “Light on Asia”

Fri, Feb.21-Sat 26 April 2014

a beautiful spring day in Munich yesterday, I visited  in the afternoon  the Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, a fabulous show by Michael Kenna, based on his journey through Asia.

In San Francisco Michael Kenna,  got to know Ruth Bernard (Berlin 1905 – San Francisco 2006), the American photographer of German extraction who has had a great influence on Kenna’s creative development. Bernard once called Kenna’s photos “islands of serenity and silence in a loud and chaotic world.”

photos@Bernheimer fine arts, published by gallery permission

“.…In this third solo exhibition of around fifty photographs by Michael Kenna, the visitor is invited to take a sensational trip through Asia, from Japan, South Korea, China and India to Vietnam. On this journey we pass through the “Huangshan Mountains” in southern China, with their bizarre projecting rock formations, gnarled pines and steep mountain slopes shrouded in a dense sea of clouds, and follow the course of the “Lijang River”, with its clear waters and sandbanks, fringed by steep mountains and spectacular rocks. In addition to capturing the different shapes of Nature, Kenna also shows us the foremost industrial city in China: Shanghai with its skyline studded with iconic buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao Tower sparkling in the darkness of the night.”  (gallery press release) 

more here 

Berlin; Blain Southern Gallery; Yinka Shonibare MBE “Making Eden”


preview opening; “Making Eden” Blain Southern  opened the first solo exhibition in Berlin by internationally acclaimed artist Yinka Shonibare MBE ; followed by a great dinner at Grill Royal 


photo@courtesy of artist and Blain Southern “Adam and Eve”, 2013

Bringing together a body of entirely new work across two floors of the gallery, Making Eden explores the theme of revolution, drawing a stark contrast between the utopian ideals inherent in anarchic action and the darker realities of its consequences. Particularly pertinent in today’s global climate of social and political disillusionment, Shonibare explores both historical and contemporary cycles of revolution, seeking to demonstrate the destructive patterns of human behaviour that repeat themselves across time. (excerpt from gallery press release)

more here 

…….Yinka Shonibare MBE has been elected a Royal Academician, alongside sculptors Tim Shaw and Neil Jeffries. He joins the governing body of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, as a representative of the category of sculpture. This governing body is comprised of 80 practising painters, sculptors, engravers, printmakers, draughtsmen and architects

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Munich; opening at Deborah Schamoni gallery; “Die Marmory Show” curated by Gürsoy Dogtas and Deborah Schamoni


artists: Aaron Angell, Tue Greenfort, Pierre Huyghe, Anne Imhof, Dani Jakob, Josephine Pryde, Yorgos Sapountzis und Hannah Weinberger;  curated by Gürsoy Dogtas and Deborah Schamoni

with a “surprise performance” for the visitors by Yorgos Sapountzis (opening night)

all photos@Die Marmory Show, Installation view, Deborah Schamoni, Munich



photo@Die Marmory Show, installation view, Josephine Pryde, Deborah Schamoni, Munich




„P.S. Last night I dreamt of a bluetit that stared at me for a few minutes and then, without a twitter, flew away. As I turned around to speak to you, instead of words, a melodic twitter of a bird emitted from my mouth.“

(Walt Kuhn an Vera Kuhn, Oktober 1912)

The discovery of a 100-year old letter, found lodged between the marble slabs of the gallery space (formerly a residential villa), brought about the initial idea for ‘Die Marmory Show’.



………This unsent letter, dated 24.10.1912, was, with the highest certainty, written by Walt Kuhn; painter, organiser and promoter of the Armory-Show in 1913, and is addressed to his wife Vera Spier Kuhn. During his extensive travels through Europe between September and November, he remained in close contact with her. This unofficial correspondence gives a rich and detailed insight into the thoughts and planning that went into the realization of the first Armory Show.

A fabulous show that I like to visit  again ;  Deborah as elegant and generous to her guests to offer  a lovely dinner at her personal space.. Thank you! Deborah Schamoni. you are a fresh breath in Munich.


more here at gallery



Salzburg villa Kanst _Ropac gallery; preview opening for Richard Deacon “form and colour?”

25 Jan. – 5  April, 2014

Richard Deacon ” form or color?”  (sculptures and wonderful film with the artist work); Lee Bull (sculpture and drawings) in the right wing  gallery and downstairs gallery the young french artist, much promising Claire Adelfang (photographs)


photo copy 9

photo copy

“Along with Tony Cragg (b 1949) and Antony Gormley (b 1950), Richard Deacon is one of the most important contemporary British sculptors. His existential study of form and space reveals a fundamentally new approach, the determining factor being his treatment of the most diverse materials. The wavy, convoluted sculptures with their intricate rhythms and the biomorphic spatial objects are amongst the most complex works of modern sculpture.”….

“…In 1999, Richard Deacon began working with ceramics in a Cologne workshop. In Salzburg we are showing four enigmatic biomorphic sculptures of this material, multicoloured and with a gorgeous glaze.”

at the opening of the exhibition today was  presented for the first time the book Richard Deacon: So, And, If, But, ed. Dieter Schwarz (Winterthur Museum of Art), an anthology of essays on art theory by Richard Deacon, written during the years 1970-2012.

The film In Between – der Künstler Richard Deacon (Germany, 2012) by Claudia Schmid also at the exhibition.

more here 

Munich;Galerie Esther Donatz; ‘Projections’

January 16-19 , 2014; approx. 85 min 1-7 pm every day

photos (video stills) courtesy of the gallery



a special four-day screening with videos by Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Klaus von Bruch, Raymond Taudin Chabot, Keren Kytter, Andrea Faciu, Anna Gaskell, Niklas Goldbach, Michael Kosakowski, Anna McCarthy, Clea Stracke & Verena Seibt,Salla Tykkä


“The title ‘Projections’ not only alludes to the technical screening of films, but playfully evokes conceptions of re-presentation, self-reflection and external perception.  The video program shown at the galerie Esther Donatz includes works by gallery artists and guests focusing on issues of identity. These range from lonesome processes of self-discovery to strained relationships between the individual and others as well as stereotypical role behavior within rigid sociopolitical power structures….” The curatorial selection is  done by Esther Donatz and Nadine Seligmann.    (highly recommended)

see address here 

Zürich:Hauser & Wirth gallery, Rodney Graham “The Four Seasons “

Hauser & Wirth Zürich

2.November-21.December 201

A fabulous exhibition. I loved it!

“….Nestled between snow-covered mountains and the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is the most extraordinary city; it is at once remote and removed from the centre of the Western World, yet it sustains the vibrancy of a thriving modern metropolis. One of the most distinguished representatives of this city’s vibrant art scene is Rodney Graham. He has created a practice which operates through systems of quotation, reference and adaptation, working with diverse media such as film, photography, installation, painting, music and text.”

Betula Pendula Fastiglata (Sous-Chef on Smoke Break)

‘Betula Pendula Fastigiata (Sous Chef on Smoke Break)’. The subject was inspired by a scene that the artist witnessed behind a restaurant on Vancouver’s main street: a member of the kitchen staff taking a smoke break.He resolved to make a work from the situation but decided to transfer the image to a park.

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Zürich; Hauser & Wirth gallery , Rashid Johnson “The Gathering”

2 November -21 December 2013, Hauser & Wirth, Zürich


photo: courtesy of the gallery

Rashid Johnson’ s first solo exhibition in Switzerland, this exhibition “The Gathering” comprising over a dozen new works including sculpture, painting and video. For this exhibition, Johnson will unveil a new series of abstract portraits which he refers to as ‘characters’…..

….The abstracted form of these ‘characters’ was inspired in part by Johnson’s recent re-reading of Albert Camus’ ‘L‘Étranger’, in particular a memorable scene in which the rays of the sun obscure Meursault’s vision of the Arab…..

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Zürich; Jablonka Galerie; ‘Kinbaku’ Nobuyoshi Araki


installation view (courtesy of Jablonka gallerie; published photo)

An impressive installation of 54 photos by Nobuyoshi Araki ‘Kinbaku” at the boutique beautiful space  of Jablonka Galerie at the center of Zürich at Talstrasse street.

photos;courtesy of Jablonka Galerie (published photos)

more here 

and news of new space at S-chanf in Engadin 



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