Munich; afternoon visit at Bernheimer Fine Art Photography; Michael Kenna “Light on Asia”

by Venetia Kapernekas

Fri, Feb.21-Sat 26 April 2014

a beautiful spring day in Munich yesterday, I visited  in the afternoon  the Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, a fabulous show by Michael Kenna, based on his journey through Asia.

In San Francisco Michael Kenna,  got to know Ruth Bernard (Berlin 1905 – San Francisco 2006), the American photographer of German extraction who has had a great influence on Kenna’s creative development. Bernard once called Kenna’s photos “islands of serenity and silence in a loud and chaotic world.”

photos@Bernheimer fine arts, published by gallery permission

“.…In this third solo exhibition of around fifty photographs by Michael Kenna, the visitor is invited to take a sensational trip through Asia, from Japan, South Korea, China and India to Vietnam. On this journey we pass through the “Huangshan Mountains” in southern China, with their bizarre projecting rock formations, gnarled pines and steep mountain slopes shrouded in a dense sea of clouds, and follow the course of the “Lijang River”, with its clear waters and sandbanks, fringed by steep mountains and spectacular rocks. In addition to capturing the different shapes of Nature, Kenna also shows us the foremost industrial city in China: Shanghai with its skyline studded with iconic buildings such as the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao Tower sparkling in the darkness of the night.”  (gallery press release) 

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