Munich; opening at Deborah Schamoni gallery; “Die Marmory Show” curated by Gürsoy Dogtas and Deborah Schamoni

by Venetia Kapernekas


artists: Aaron Angell, Tue Greenfort, Pierre Huyghe, Anne Imhof, Dani Jakob, Josephine Pryde, Yorgos Sapountzis und Hannah Weinberger;  curated by Gürsoy Dogtas and Deborah Schamoni

with a “surprise performance” for the visitors by Yorgos Sapountzis (opening night)

all photos@Die Marmory Show, Installation view, Deborah Schamoni, Munich



photo@Die Marmory Show, installation view, Josephine Pryde, Deborah Schamoni, Munich




„P.S. Last night I dreamt of a bluetit that stared at me for a few minutes and then, without a twitter, flew away. As I turned around to speak to you, instead of words, a melodic twitter of a bird emitted from my mouth.“

(Walt Kuhn an Vera Kuhn, Oktober 1912)

The discovery of a 100-year old letter, found lodged between the marble slabs of the gallery space (formerly a residential villa), brought about the initial idea for ‘Die Marmory Show’.



………This unsent letter, dated 24.10.1912, was, with the highest certainty, written by Walt Kuhn; painter, organiser and promoter of the Armory-Show in 1913, and is addressed to his wife Vera Spier Kuhn. During his extensive travels through Europe between September and November, he remained in close contact with her. This unofficial correspondence gives a rich and detailed insight into the thoughts and planning that went into the realization of the first Armory Show.

A fabulous show that I like to visit  again ;  Deborah as elegant and generous to her guests to offer  a lovely dinner at her personal space.. Thank you! Deborah Schamoni. you are a fresh breath in Munich.


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