Munich; Pinakothek Der Moderne; at the Ernst von Siemens auditorium the film “Old Joy” by Kelly Reichardt

by Venetia Kapernekas

Today, this morning at Pinakothek Der Moderne, part of a series of films screened  as of Jeff Wall exhibition. at the Ernst von Siemens Auditorium  I saw ” Old Joy”, 2005  written and directed by Kelly Reichardt; with Will Oldham, Daniel London; the film features a fantastic soundtrack by Yo La Tengo.

Old Joy Movie Poster

The most amazing is that films that somehow have gotten out of my attention living in New York, thanks to amazing things  at the Munich museums I can catch up on my film literature..

The story of two old friends, who reunite for a weekend camping trip in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. OLD JOY is the critically-acclaimed film The New York Times calls, “A MUST SEE!”  

As subtle, supple and beautifully fine-tuned a film as any American director has made in the past year. Dennis Lim, The Village Voice 

 interview of protagonist Daniel London and writer/director Kelly Reichardt

sample of Yo La Tengo soundrack