New York: Lehman Maupin Gallery; Klara Kristalova “big girl now”

by Venetia Kapernekas

feb 27, 2014-april 26, 2014

A fantastic exhibition at Christie street location at Lehman Maupin gallery of the exhibition of new ceramic sculptures by Czechoslovakian-born and Sweden-based artist Klara Kristalova

In her second exhibition with the gallery, Kristalova continues her work in ceramics to visualize psychological states of being and explore the complexity of the human condition…..





Klara Kristalova, “Big Girl Now”
Installation views, 201 Chrystie Street

The arresting nature of Kristalova’s imagery is further heightened by the handcrafted quality of the surface and awkward scale of the sculptures. The female figure in Birdwoman (2013), for example, confronts the viewer with her black almond-shaped eyes, conveying a sense of scrutiny and confidence, but simultaneously seems uncomfortable with her beak for a nose and a body covered entirely in white feathers, each carefully textured and molded by the artist’s hand….” (gallery press)