Salzburg villa Kanst _Ropac gallery; preview opening for Richard Deacon “form and colour?”

by Venetia Kapernekas

25 Jan. – 5  April, 2014

Richard Deacon ” form or color?”  (sculptures and wonderful film with the artist work); Lee Bull (sculpture and drawings) in the right wing  gallery and downstairs gallery the young french artist, much promising Claire Adelfang (photographs)


photo copy 9

photo copy

“Along with Tony Cragg (b 1949) and Antony Gormley (b 1950), Richard Deacon is one of the most important contemporary British sculptors. His existential study of form and space reveals a fundamentally new approach, the determining factor being his treatment of the most diverse materials. The wavy, convoluted sculptures with their intricate rhythms and the biomorphic spatial objects are amongst the most complex works of modern sculpture.”….

“…In 1999, Richard Deacon began working with ceramics in a Cologne workshop. In Salzburg we are showing four enigmatic biomorphic sculptures of this material, multicoloured and with a gorgeous glaze.”

at the opening of the exhibition today was  presented for the first time the book Richard Deacon: So, And, If, But, ed. Dieter Schwarz (Winterthur Museum of Art), an anthology of essays on art theory by Richard Deacon, written during the years 1970-2012.

The film In Between – der Künstler Richard Deacon (Germany, 2012) by Claudia Schmid also at the exhibition.

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