Munich;Galerie Esther Donatz; ‘Projections’

by Venetia Kapernekas

January 16-19 , 2014; approx. 85 min 1-7 pm every day

photos (video stills) courtesy of the gallery



a special four-day screening with videos by Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Klaus von Bruch, Raymond Taudin Chabot, Keren Kytter, Andrea Faciu, Anna Gaskell, Niklas Goldbach, Michael Kosakowski, Anna McCarthy, Clea Stracke & Verena Seibt,Salla Tykkä


“The title ‘Projections’ not only alludes to the technical screening of films, but playfully evokes conceptions of re-presentation, self-reflection and external perception.  The video program shown at the galerie Esther Donatz includes works by gallery artists and guests focusing on issues of identity. These range from lonesome processes of self-discovery to strained relationships between the individual and others as well as stereotypical role behavior within rigid sociopolitical power structures….” The curatorial selection is  done by Esther Donatz and Nadine Seligmann.    (highly recommended)

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