Munich; preview opening at Villa Stuck; ‘RICOCHET #8’ Jan Paul Evers

by Venetia Kapernekas


Museum Villa Stuck

photo: courtesy of Villa Stuck and Jan Paul Evers

curator of exhibition: Sabine Schmid

“In the exhibition series RICOCHET #8 the Museum Villa Stuck shows as the eighth position of the work by Jan Paul Evers ,born in 1982 in Cologne his first museum solo exhibition.  Jan Paul Evers follows with his works an extended term Photography: In his artistic work in the photographic process he captures space, creates it anew and finally banishes him on paper, the trace of an object is sometimes visible, other times is completely unrecognizable. Not the subject is in the center of Evers’ work, but the medium itself….”

“In his contemplative photographic works, all unique, Evers grasps  the technical and creative possibilities of the medium of photography and takes it as a starting point to examine the photograph as well as their relationship to art. It deals not only with the history and aesthetics of photography, but also with the question of authenticity, reality and perception, with ways of seeing, objectification, as well as with the technology and the design possibilities of photography….”

more at museum press release