Munich;Haus der Kunst; Lecture “In the Concreteness of Abstraction: Modernism and Modernization in Postwar India” by Atreyee Gupta

by Venetia Kapernekas

LECTURE 14.01.14, 7 pm

I attended an  amazing lecture  by Atreyee Gupta, Goethe-Institut Postdoctoral Fellow (Berkeley/München)

“Situating art at the intersections of postwar scientific developments and the modernizing aspirations of a new nation-state, this talk examines the emergence of an inter-mediatic aesthetics of abstraction in 1950s and 1960s India….

“…Attending to trans-continental exchanges made possible through the artists’ interlocutions with figures such as Le Corbusier, Lucien Hervé, and Clement Greenberg, the talk seeks to foreground the ways in which postwar modernism in the post-colony intersected with the trajectories of modernism in Western Europe and North America but also significantly complicated its universalizing claims.”….

….Atreyee Gupta’s research centers on questions of postwar modernism and the politics of inhabitation, corporeality, and sensoriality, the intersections between modern art and processes of modernization in post-colonial contexts, institutional histories of modernisms, and aesthetics as a form of postwar global cultural capital.

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