Munich: Deborah Schamoni gallery; “Passing Place” by Gerry Bibby

by Venetia Kapernekas

06.07. – 13.09.2014

An afternoon spent at my favorite Munich gallery,at Deborah Schamoni for “Passing Place” by Australian artist Gerry Bibby.  A beautiful and elegant sculpture exhibition with a touch of poetry.



photo credit@Deborah Schamoni gallery

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photos by permission of the gallery@VK

“….Our little walk on this Sunny day revealed to my nephew and I, a sign on a post painted slick black. The sign was square-ish and its rounded corners softened the strangeness of its proposition. In black letters, Capitalised but also with rounded sharp corners, it said PASSING PLACE. I was immediately floored, so to speak. I had the distinct feeling, after reading these letters that I was about to pass in to some other zone, another mind—without place.” (Gerry Bibby on the gallery press release)

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