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Munich: München Akademie; presentation of Graduates’ work; highlight Anne Kodura’s film ‘ödland/wasteland’

The Munich Academy opened its doors this to present the “Diplome” graduate students’  work; from the class of Prof. Klaus vom Bruch, I was taken by an amazing work, the documentary  ‘ödland/wateland’ by Anne Kodura,  photography by Friede Clausz   The film is about 80 min. was presented in a small custom made film room in her studio at the Academy. Saturday, February 11:30 will be screened at ARRI KINO München (Türkenstrasse 91)
It is an excellent job by a young and much promising new filmmaker.  Reflections in my mind  of
Truffaut’s film “400 Blows” and the british neo realism films, such as “Life at the Top” with Laurence Harvey.  But here Anne Kodura is working with a difficult subject; children.  Anne  told me she was for some months close to the children to get to know them before the camera came in. The photography by Friede Clausz is par excellence.

By kind permission by the  artist Anne Kodura.  All photo credit@Friede Clausz


synopsis :” It is the summer holidays.

Deep in the woods and among some sheep pastures a bloc of flats stands on a former military base of the Soviet army. Surrounded by ruinous barracks, an overgrown soccer field and a brand new wire mesh fence.  This is where Aya, Momo and Mustafa grow up. They spend the holidays at home at the asylum seeker’s camp. Born and raised in Germany, they do not really understand this “asylum seeking thing”, but rather want to be quite normal. They chase away the boredom by playing football, make a trip to the nearby lake and dabble in copper scrap trading.

A story of childhood, home and the search for identity.”



“ödland/wasteland”  has participated in the following festivals and has received many prices:

63th Berlin International Film Festival; Refugee Review Warsaw;12 Semana de Cine Aleman (Mexico);Festival International De Cine De Monterey;Oaxaca Film Festival ;Nuremberg International Human Rights, Festival, Unabhängiges FilmFest Osnabrück; Duisburger Filmwoche; International Film Festival, Bratislava; Kinofest Lünen;Exposed Filmfestival;Olympia Inernational Film Festival; 54 Festival dei Popoli; This Human World’ 3rd Flashpoint Human Rights Festival Mumbai; London International Documentary Festival (LIDF)

more here on the film’s site


Munich; preview opening at Villa Stuck; ‘RICOCHET #8’ Jan Paul Evers


Museum Villa Stuck

photo: courtesy of Villa Stuck and Jan Paul Evers

curator of exhibition: Sabine Schmid

“In the exhibition series RICOCHET #8 the Museum Villa Stuck shows as the eighth position of the work by Jan Paul Evers ,born in 1982 in Cologne his first museum solo exhibition.  Jan Paul Evers follows with his works an extended term Photography: In his artistic work in the photographic process he captures space, creates it anew and finally banishes him on paper, the trace of an object is sometimes visible, other times is completely unrecognizable. Not the subject is in the center of Evers’ work, but the medium itself….”

“In his contemplative photographic works, all unique, Evers grasps  the technical and creative possibilities of the medium of photography and takes it as a starting point to examine the photograph as well as their relationship to art. It deals not only with the history and aesthetics of photography, but also with the question of authenticity, reality and perception, with ways of seeing, objectification, as well as with the technology and the design possibilities of photography….”

more at museum press release 

Munich: Lenbachhaus (STÄDTISCHE GALERIE IM LENBACHHAUS UND KUNSTBAU MÜNCHEN) revisit “Gerhard Richter “Atlas Mikromega”

at Kunstbau



photo: courtesy of Lenbachhaus (published photo)

The title MICROMEGA (Greek for smalllarge) is meant to express this salient aspect of the ATLAS as a work of art. It refers to Voltaire’s “Micromégas: A Philosophical History,” a short story published in 1752 that speculates about the relative dimensions of reality.”

…In the early 1960s, Gerhard Richter starts collecting for his ATLAS thousands of photographs, newspaper clippings, sketches, and collages, which he groups based on formal criteria as well as content. He then consolidates several—sometimes dozens—of the resulting plates into blocks of imagery.

more here 

Vienna_ Kunsthalle Wien at Museumsquartier_ “Salon der Angst” exhibition


Gerard Byrne, 1984 and Beyond, 2005-2007 (Still aus der 1. Szene/still from scene 1), © Gerard Byrne, Courtesy Gerard Byrne und/and Lisson Gallery, London

curators: Nicholaus Schaufhausen (director of Kunsthalle) and Catherine Hug

“Fear and anxiety are familiar to all. Salon der Angst at the Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier will not only focus on generalised feelings of insecurity and threat, but also on how culture shapes both individual and collective experiences of fear and fearful events. Depictions of fear, terror, and the distraught are well-tread in art history, but also characterize a younger generation’s artistic practice that responds to a contemporary society rife with new and specific fears and insecurities.

The exhibition Salon der Angst explores the artistic confrontation with the fears of our time across a broad affective and socio-political spectrum. Fear is here understood as a response to those aspects of the present that we do not know how to deal with it. The artists in this exhibition address these fears in terms of a history of ideas, but also their specific psychological manifestations. The preoccupation with fear and anxiety in art therefore turns out to be an exacting look at the treatment (and production) through the media of a human emotion at once both familiar and elusive.

Participating artists: Nel Aerts, Özlem Altin, Kader Attia, Gerard Byrne, Los Carpinteros, James Ensor, Ieva Epnere, Harun Farocki, Marina Faust, Didier Faustino, Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Rainer Ganahl, Agnès Geoffray, Thomas Hirschhorn, Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange, Cameron Jamie, Jesse Jones, Dorota Jurczak, Ferdinand van Kessel, Bouchra Khalili, Eva Kotátková, Nicolas Kozakis / Raoul Vaneigem, Alfred Kubin, Erik van Lieshout, Jen Liu, Marko Lulić, Fabian Marti, Florin Mitroi, Marcel Odenbach, Jane Ostermann-Petersen, Francis Picabia, Willem de Rooij, Allan Sekula, Zin Taylor, Noam Toran, Kerry Tribe, Peter Wächtler, Jeff Wall, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing, Tobias Zielony.”

@kunsthalle’s press release

kunsthalle Wien website

Zürich:Hauser & Wirth gallery, Rodney Graham “The Four Seasons “

Hauser & Wirth Zürich

2.November-21.December 201

A fabulous exhibition. I loved it!

“….Nestled between snow-covered mountains and the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is the most extraordinary city; it is at once remote and removed from the centre of the Western World, yet it sustains the vibrancy of a thriving modern metropolis. One of the most distinguished representatives of this city’s vibrant art scene is Rodney Graham. He has created a practice which operates through systems of quotation, reference and adaptation, working with diverse media such as film, photography, installation, painting, music and text.”

Betula Pendula Fastiglata (Sous-Chef on Smoke Break)

‘Betula Pendula Fastigiata (Sous Chef on Smoke Break)’. The subject was inspired by a scene that the artist witnessed behind a restaurant on Vancouver’s main street: a member of the kitchen staff taking a smoke break.He resolved to make a work from the situation but decided to transfer the image to a park.

read more 

Zürich; Jablonka Galerie; ‘Kinbaku’ Nobuyoshi Araki


installation view (courtesy of Jablonka gallerie; published photo)

An impressive installation of 54 photos by Nobuyoshi Araki ‘Kinbaku” at the boutique beautiful space  of Jablonka Galerie at the center of Zürich at Talstrasse street.

photos;courtesy of Jablonka Galerie (published photos)

more here 

and news of new space at S-chanf in Engadin 

New York – Impressions (photos by VK)

New Photography 2013

Friday, Novembre 15th – MoMA, New York

ostoya_anna_lee no.1._2013

Exhibtion visit of New Photography 2013, Septembre 14, 2013 – January 6, 2014.

The exhibtion is curated by Roxana Marcoci and her curatorial assistant Katerina Stathopulou and presents

recent works by eight international artists.


Salzburg_ at Villa Kanst; Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac: Robert Mapplethorpe, curated by Isabelle Huppert

August 31, 2013-January 11, 2014


photo: courtesy of Ropac  gallery

A lovely visit at Ropac gallery-Villa Kanst and private tour of the exhibition by the director of the gallery,  Dr Arne Ehmann

“….. The gallery has invited French actress Isabelle Huppert to curate the exhibition. This is the latest in a series of exhibitions devoted to Robert Mapplethorpe that have been curated by artists such as Cindy Sherman, David Hockney, theatre director Bob Wilson and, in 2011, film director Sofia Coppola. The idea is to offer the public a different and more personal take on his work…..

...Naturally affected by beauty, Isabelle Huppert’s selection of these often unexplored images creates a poetic atmosphere of mysterious softness.

As Isabelle Huppert herself admitted, “I look at each Robert Mapplethorpe photo as if I were reading a poem. In the ones I have chosen, his way of seeing the world is pent with softness – and silence. They are silent photos. In that particular world that he made his own, everything is connected. He blurred the frontiers, merged the mobile and the immobile. His flowers are alive, almost human, and his bodies are frozen in their eternal beauty. Each photo is pure emotion. In each one of them there is a perfection of form, the delicacy and mystery of light and shade. Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer poet.” (gallery press release)

 more here 



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