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Munich; ARKADENDINNER​ at Kunstverein München

A lovely annual gala dinner ‘Arkadendinner’ for support the Kunsteverein of Munich last Wednesday evening. A lovely summer evening helped so the dinner took place under the Arcade.






a performance by the artist Eglė Budvytytė took place in the garden. The performers/players worn ‘Mongolian Dragging Hoodies’. Produced together with fashion designer Andrea Kränzlin, the hoodies are inspired by attire worn by Mongolian fighters. Originally designed for practicality, the artist had these Hoodies specially-made to protect the heads, necks and shoulders of the performers in her piece Some were carried, some – dragged behind for Kunstverein München’s Akardendinner. Budvytytė has had each of the Hoodies – one of each of the performers – remade as a unique edition of 5.






FullSizeRender copy 7

lovely to sit with my friends,  Esther Donatz, gallerist/MU and Daniel Wingate (Escada’s artistic director)



Bavaria: a day visiting Schloss Elmau

A beautiful day with my daughter visiting the ultimate Wellness Retreat, a sanctuary at Schloss Elmau.   A magical  trip  to see our jivamukti yoga teacher and friend Ekaterini Lambropoulou.   Spectacular views and tranquility in a mystique foggy day until  the sun started warming up in the afternoon.   Driving to Schloss Elmau one can have spectacular views of Wetterstein Mountain and the crystal clear Ferchenbach Creek.


IMG_4046 copy

IMG_4098 copy









Schloss Elmau is a luxury hotel at the foot of the Wetterstein mountains, in a nature reserve belonging to the municipality Krün, lying between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald in Bavaria, Germany.

The building was completed in 1916 as a place for artists, rather than as a schloss (palace), as the name implies. The five-star hotel today offers 123 rooms and suites, as well as a concert hall and several restaurants. It is a forum for renowned international conferences and meetings.[1] It is among The Leading Hotels of the World.

Schloss Elmau will be the site of the 41st G7 summit June 7-8 2015,



Vienna; Velázquez at Kunst Historisches Museum

My wonderful 3 day visit to Vienna with my children by invitation of my wonderful friends Lina and Nikolas included on  Saturday morning to enjoy the amazing show of Velázquez (1599 – 1660) at the Kunst Historishes Museum.

photo 1 copy 2

This major exhibition in collaboration with, among others, the Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid, who holds the largest collection of works by Velázquez and has been the main lender, the National Gallery in London and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

photo 2 copy 2

28 October 2014-15 February 2015

The Kunsthistorisches Museum hosts the first show in a German speaking country of the work of the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez (1599 – 1660). In addition to Velázquez’ charming portraits of the royal children – one of the highlights of the Picture Gallery of the Kunsthistorisches Museum – the show comprises other genres such as kitchen still lifes, religious subjects, mythologies and history paintings, offering a comprehensive survey of the master’s versatility and virtuosity. Among the seminal loans to this exhibition are the “Rokeby Venus”, “Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan” and the “Adoration of the Magi”, all of which have never been shown in Vienna. (museum press release)

photo 3 copy

photo 4


my favorite painting and I took time to listen to my wonderful friend Nikolas that we visited together was ‘The Waterseller‘, as many regard Velazquez’s best work from his early years in Seville.  “… throughout Europe, watersellers were essential in Seville. Nonetheless, they were ranked newar the bottom of the social pyramid. But Velazquez reverses this completely and inbues the old man with dignity, although the higher social status of the boy clutching the full glass is clearly indicated by his fine clothes and light skin….”


‘The Waterseller’, c.1922 London, Apsley House, The Wellington Collection  

My beautiful stay was highlighted as I stayed at my friends’ house  on the 19th,  in the beautiful historical villa of Heinrich Schnitzler, son of the great writer Arthur Schnitzler.

photo 1


photo 3


and a visit at cafe  Demel

photo 1 copy

and of course a Viennese cafe on Sunday morning at Cafe Central with Lina

photo 2 copy


Dear  Lina and Nikolas thank you  for the great hospitality to me and my children over the weekend in Vienna.

Munich; exploring the amazing creations of Pellicano design

Recently I met  lovely Maria Livia Pellicano, a new wonderful friend, wonderful jewelry designer,  and while talking over wonderful  tea time at her beautiful house,  I had  the chance and pleasure to explore and adore her unique creations.   Maria Livia is from Rome but the last 22 years lives  in Munich with a short stay in between in Bangkok. In 2005 she founded the jewelry brand Pellicano Design.  Just refined aesthetics;  rooted in love for the art.  Her early education was at  Luceo Artistico Alessandro Caravilani in Rome and then she continued  5 years at the  Instituto Europeo Del Design, in Rome.

Her beautiful house in Munich  is filled with art and her strongest influence in her life, her seven beautiful children.  “They help me in my work, commenting – says Pellicano – support me in every way, are my top fan.”

here some of the exclusive unique pieces


“Performance Changeable”-architecture collection, copyright, 18 kt w.g Diamonds Pave


Master Joker “Shaker” Master Joker collection coctail ring 18 KT Y.Gold Prasiolith/Brown Diamonds.

Its four product lines – ranging from pieces of the highest level, worn on occasions like the chic Met Ball in New York, to a younger line in silver.

“The two stones, are close and rendered inseparable by a ring studded with small diamonds that seems to hover around them. The two precious gems and inseparable dance forever “Walzer” of life.


the younger line,



“What is required today to a jewel? The exclusivity, replies Maria-Livia Pellicano



photos@Pellicano design, by  Maria Livia Pellicano’s permission

Switzerland; visiting Lower Engadine; Sils Maria, St. Moritz, Zuoz, S-Chanf

Engadin: one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland ; some fabulous  days for Christmas with  Udo Brandhorst and our lovely daughter Ana Nefeli  in Waldhaus Hotel in Sils Maria; the panoramic views are so amazing clear and stunning that you have to rub your eyes to make sure you are not in a Hollywood epic; speaking of,  last days Waldhaus has received much attention due to the just released  movie “The Clouds of Sils Maria” with Juliette Binoche and Kristen  Stewart.

Here, a large stretch of lake, a sprinkling of villages and the sheer rock face of bare mountains towering over the expanse make for a very unique landscape.

In a letter Nietzsche once referred to it as being “heroic and idyllic”. This is where the philosopher penned part of his widely acclaimed work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.



Sils Maria, photo@Udo Brandhorst


Sils Maria, photo@Udo Brandhorst

waldahus 2




photo 2




photos@VK, december 2014



Such a joy to enjoy the nature and driving to the mountains.  As I do not have captured yet the fine sport of skiing, I projected  somehow my alternate possibilities and challenged myself  by driving high up to the mountains and  escalating afterwards down to the lovely village of Pochiavo, (speaking italian here)

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 4

photo 5 copy

photo 4 copy

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5 copy 2

photo 3 copy

photo 3 copy 2

Church of San Vittore in Poschiavo

photo 4 copy 2

photos@VK, december 201

I treasured the moments during my long drive to stop at Bernina cafe, close to Lagalb Diavolezza slopes slopes to have  a hot chestnut soup with Udo Brandhorst and talk about art.

While capturing amazing moments of nature and beauty, I visit briefly and had  tea lovely Ladina Florineth, who owns the Villa Flor, a charming seven-room hotel that opened last summer in a renovated patrician house in the town of S-Chanf. The original and conserved Jugendstil ornaments have been restored with much love and professional work. They are now part of the unique atmosphere, which plays unaffected between the present and the faded charme of the past.
Philosophers, authors, artists always came here, but it was usually to the upper valley,” said Ladina “Now people are discovering the lower part, which is becoming more important” 

We had our tea during  her break preparing a lovely set of photographs by the Korean artist Bookchang Koo “White on white “where was to open next evening (exhibition in collaboration with Ivory Press)




Villa Flor in S-Chanf, photo@VK


Bohnchang Koo, @invitation card “White on White

a beautiful book, present by Ladina,  her previous art exhibition, Philipp Keel.

photo copy

Upon my arrival  my first night in Engadin, I attended  lovely coctail event given  given by my dear friend and amazing jewelry designer Cora Sheibani for  her creations, at private home in St Moritz.. amazing creations! beautiful precious stones in amazing set designs! I love them all!



and of course, to visit the Nietzsche house in Sils Maria


Great walker
“Fortunately, you can’t change mountains or lakes,” says Joachim Kung, a Nietzsche scholar and the curator of the Nietzsche House in Sils Maria.

“Of course the area today is very touristy, but you can still find places where you can go for walks alone. Sils has also tried to keep away mass-tourism, so for instance, the parking lots have been put underground.”

The Nietzsche Haus displays manuscripts, letters, works and even the man’s death mask.But it mainly serves as a meeting place for Nietzschean scholars, offering them board and lodging, and organising discussions, debates and exhibitions immersed in the scenery that so inspired the great philosopher.


Zürich; fall opening art scene; Bolte Lang gallery;Kunsthalle Zürich and Löwenbrau Art Complex bldg galleries; Eva Presenhuber ; Bob van Orsouw;Grieder Contemporary

A 24 hour trip to Zürich with my wonderful friend, art advisor /Munich, Martina Tauber to attend the fall opening art scene.

We started with a wonderful exhibition at Bolte Lang gallery with the exhibition “like a virgin” by Athene Galiciadis. A wonderful walk thru with Anna Bolte and Chaja Lang.

Foto 1 copy 2

photo 1 copy
photo 3


…..The title, resulting from the works as “écriture automatique”, not only describes the working process, but more concretely conveys the subject matter of Galiciadis’ empty, untainted vases, with their form, colour and haptic reminding the viewer of the young, female shape……
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats next to mine

more here http://www.boltelang.com/exhibitions/current/

a stop at Grieder  Contemporary  for Ross Chisholm “The Cratylists”. A wonderful walk thru the exhibition with Melanie Dankbar/director of the gallery



photo credit@Grieder Contemporary

The Cratylists (an allusion to Plato’s famous Cratylus dialogue)

“…The points of orientation for this new body of work have been the 18th century society portraits by Thomas Gainsborough, George Romney and most of all by Joshua Reynolds. The latter developed in his famous “Discourses on Art” an influential art theory based on classical and contemporary philosophical and art theoretical writings…” (gallery press release)

more here at gallery  http://www.grieder-contemporary.com

next , to Eva Presenhuber’s gallery  at MAAG Areal. Sam Falls, Los Angeles based artist  (exhibition  sold out  before the opening)


Foto 1


Foto 2

Sam Falls at Presenhuber, photo by permission@Martina Tauber

“….I took plants as the common subject matter for this body of work not only for their legacy in art history, but their reference to place. The works here were made from west to east, from the palm fronds in my backyard in Venice, California, to the abounding ferns bordering my mom’s hayfield where I grew up in Vermont, to the trees around the grounds of a recent residency in Sarvisalo, Finland. Beyond the native vegetation delineating geography, these “paintings” represent duration and environment, visible in the scattered heavy rains of Southern California, to the light spring mist in Vermont, to the consistent light drizzle of the Scandinavian archipelago…”  (Sam Falls on the gallery press release )


photo credit @published at Presenhuber gallery

more here http://www.presenhuber.com/en/exhibitions/2014/Sam-Falls.html

then to the Löwenbrau Art Complex:

at Bob van Orsouw’s gallery for  Nedko Solakov (Mixed Media-in at least four directions and one center)


Nedko Solakov, The Has-Beens Creator, 2014, oil on canvas

“…Nedko Solakov is a highly gifted storyteller. His drawings talk about everyday occurrences, but also turn out to be caustic commentaries on human existence, while, at the same time, shedding light on its absurdity…”(gallery press release)

and enjoying as always Bob van Orsouw’s  lovely office with  great pieces, this was my favorite above his desk

photo 2 copy 2

photo by permission @Vk

more here van Orsouw gallery http://www.bobvanorsouw.ch/artists/nedko-solakov

at Eva Presenhuber‘s for Wyatt Kahn  (New York based artist)

…..Kahn presents a new body of work which focuses on a concept of representation of an object through all its aspects: visual, sensational and conceptual. For these works, the shaped stretchers come together to create the shape of the actual object, the motifs used to cover the first layer of the stretchers are the epitome of the representation of that object, drawn by hand in an almost automatic way…..

Foto 1 copy


Martina Tauber at  the Wyatt Kahn show,  photo@VK

more here www.presenhuber.com/en/exhibitions/2014/Wyatt-Kahn.html

and Steven Shearer (Canadian artist) also at Eva Presenhuber gallery

Steven Shearer’s practice encompasses many different medias, from found photography, drawing, and painting to collage and focuses on a melancholic vision of youth, tinted by strong references to the iconography of extreme metal cuture. His world is one of alienation and repulsion towards the everyday, a world whose heroes are death-metal rockers, 1970s prefab boy bands and teen stars, amature glam-rockers and guitar-wielding teenaged suburban dreamers

and  Kunsthalle Zurich 


Kunsthalle Zürich opened  an extensive solo exhibition of the artist group Slavs and Tatars. Focusing on the “area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China”, the artistic and discursive work of Slavs and Tatars engages transcultural as well as transdisciplinary questions of history, politics, religion, and language.

Slavs and Tatars «Mirrors for Princes» (30.08. – 09.11.14)

more here http://kunsthallezurich.ch/index.php?id=5&L=1

a wonderful dinner followed at Times restaurant, invited by Eva Presenhuber gallery 



Followed by Löwenbräukunst summer party at the courtyard with music by Nifty’s, Aliev Bleh-Orkestar und Goran Potkonjak.



Munich; an afternoon visit at “Amai” fabulous praline place

After a  lovely lunch with my dear friend Villy Giovaniti at Becco Fino, we discovered a  new place for sweet tooth,  in the heart of Lengdorf in Munich, the “Amai” (in japanese means sweet) run by Cornelia, a praline chef, at Auserbittlbach 20, 2nd floor


photo 5photo 1 copy


photo 4

Here you may  have a relaxing time over tea or cappuccino and you may have tastes of pralines, such as” blue curaçao”, cassis, champagne, kokos, mango, ginger, mocca, cherry, grande marnier and more.. is an oasis of taste. Also macarroons and the florentines are delicious.

photo 3.photo 2

A lovely and not usual decor embraces the Amai decor with a young collection for small people by young designer from Mauritius.

photo copy 2

Maremma_Toscana; ‘forests of chestnuts and green fields of olive groves’

I am presently moved
by sundrenched Parthenope,
my thanks are for you, Ischia, to whom a fair wind has brought me
rejoicing with dear friends
from soiled productive cities.
How well you correct our injured eyes, how gently you train us to see things
and men in perspective
underneath your uniform light
From Ischia by W. H. Auden, June 1948


Visiting our Maremma Casale  with my lovely Ana Nefeli, part  of my daily visits are  Pitigliano, Manciano, Saturnia Terme, Sorano, swimming at the Capalbio beach, Talamone, Gianella, and Ansedonia;  driving late afternoons at  Monte Argentario and Porto Ecole and during the early warm evenings to stop for a glass of white wine and meet friends at Il Pellicano.



 ‘crickets’  recital on July hot afternoon,   3  pm

the ‘infinity pool’, July, afternoon heaven,

late afternoon walks at Capalbio Scalo beach,

favorite spot to stop driving to Orbetello,

morning shopping at La Parrina, Orbetello Scalo with Ana-Nefeli
all photos ©venetia kapernekas, Maremma 2015

Maremma still maintains the artistic legacy of the region but is blessed with an unforgettable natural beauty, romantic scenery and a history which dates back to the Etruscan and Roman civilizations. Often neglected for the larger cities of Tuscany, the Maremma has remained sparsely populated, with much of the area covered with thick forests of chestnuts and beeches and sprawling green fields of olive groves and vineyards. The villages and towns situated amongst this natural paradise are charmingly small and lovingly maintained. Pieces of history, these beautiful communities transport you back to the grand and fascinating part of Italy, appearing exactly as they did in the Renaissance, the Middle Ages and the centuries that preceded them.

Elisa is a native Australian with a beautiful blog about Maremma/Toscana





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