Athens; Benaki museum; opening of exhibition by Andro Wekua “pink wave hunter” (collaboration with Deste Foundation)

by Venetia Kapernekas

29.01. 2014-23.03.2014


A new program of collaboration between the Benaki Museum and the DESTE Foundation, opens with an exhibition of Andro Wekua.

This exhibition features  a series of sculptural models of buildings drawn from memories of Wekua’s childhood in Sukhumi, Georgia.  Wekua was born in the popular seaside town of Sukhumi, where he lived until his family was forced to flee during the Abkhazian conflict of the 1990’s.  The town was subsequently devastated by civil war, leaving the artist and his family part of the Georgian diaspora unable to return to home. Drawing on this experience, Wekua conjures images of his childhood town from memory and, supplemented by online research, creates sculptural representations of the city’s buildings. (press release ) 

curatorial decisions and exhibition lay out is done by the artist.

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