Munich: Neue Pinakothek “Seeing Venice…”Photography before 1900 from the Dietmar Siegert Collection

by Venetia Kapernekas

09.10.2014 – 02.02.2015

A beautiful opening last night at Neue Pinakothek.  Presentation  by Dr Klaus Schrenk (General Director of the Bavarian Museums) and Dr Herbert W.Rott (Conservator  at Neue Pinakothek).


“The exhibition features a selection of thirty early photographs of the lagoon city from the Siegert Collection and juxtaposes them with masterpieces of Venetian vedute painting by Francesco Guardi and Michele Marieschi from the Alte Pinakothek……In the 18th-century paintings we see scenes pulsating with life and colourful celebrations, while the photographs of Domenico Bresolin, Antonio Perini, Carlo Ponti, and Carlo Naya herald the dawn of a new aesthetic sensibility and feature silent views of the canals flanked by palaces threatened by decay. ..” (museum press release)

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