Munich; Bayerische Staatsoper: “Das Rheingold”, Richard Wagner

by Venetia Kapernekas

A spectacular opera performance last night at the Opera House in Munich, “Das Reingold”. Conceived by Wagner as a prologue to his monumental Ring cycle, ” Das Rheingold”  sets forth the dramatic issues that play out in the three subsequent operas. Gold from the depths of the Rhine River is stolen by the dwarf Alberich, who uses it to forge a ring that will give him unlimited power. The theft sets in motion a course of events that will eventually alter the order of the universe.



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Musikalische: LeitungKirill Petrenko; Inszenierung:Andreas Kriegenburg ;Bühne:Harald B. Thor ;Kostüme:Andrea Schraad Licht:Stefan Bolliger; Choreographie:Zenta Haerter; Dramaturgie:Marion Tiedtke und Miron Hakenbeck
Wotan: Thomas J. Mayer;  Donner:Levente Molnár; Froh:Dean Power ;Loge:Burkhard Ulrich; Alberich:Tomasz Konieczny Mime:Andreas Conrad ;Fasolt:Günther Groissböck Fafner:Christof Fischesser; Fricka: Elisabeth Kulman;Freia:AgaMikolaj; Erda:Okka von der Damerau; Woglinde:Hanna-Elisabeth Müller ;Wellgunde:Jennifer Johnston; Floßhilde:Nadine Weissmann

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