Munich_ “Louise Bourgeois. Structures of Existence: The Cells” at Haus der kunst

by Venetia Kapernekas

A beautiful evening, preview for the Freunde of Haus der kunst on  wednesda February 25th for the amazing, powerful show “Louise Bourgeois. Structures of Existence: The Cells

exhibition:  27.02 – 02.08.15

Among the most innovative and challenging sculptural works in her extensive oeuvre are the “Cells”, a series of architectural spaces that preoccupied her for nearly 20 years. Bourgeois’s “Cells” are intensely psychological microcosms: situated within various enclosures, each is a multi-faceted collection of objects and sculptural forms arranged to evoke an atmosphere of emotional resonance….(Hdk presse release)

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As Bourgeois stated: “The ‘Cells’ represent different types of pain: the physical, the emotional and psychological, and the mental and intellectual. When does the emotional become physical? When does the physical become emotional? It’s a circle going round and round. …Each ‘Cell’ deals with the pleasure of the voyeur, the thrill of looking and being looked at. The ‘Cells’ either attract or repulse each other. There is this urge to integrate, merge, or disintegrate.” (Louise Bourgeois, 1991)

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A beautiful catalogue “Structures of Existence; The Cells” edited by Julienne Lorz, with a foreword by Okwui Enwezor; with essays by Bart De Baere, Lynne Cooke, Kate Fowle, Jerry Gorovoy, Julienne Lorz, Griselda Pollock, Dionea Rocha Watt, Nancy Spector, and Ulrich Wilmes.

Published by Prestel 288 pages, approx. 90 color images,(in german or english)

423_5407_154310_xlOn Thursday, 19.03 at 7 film screening at the Film Museum Munich “The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine”By Marion Cajori and Amei Wallach © Art Kaleidoscope Foundation, New York, distributed by Zeitgeist Films, 2008 (OV / 99 min)
Introduction: Julienne Lorz