the magic of extraordinaire pianist Ezio Bosso- “Following a Bird”

by Venetia Kapernekas

“La musica è una vera magia, è la nostra vera terapia”Ezio Bosso 

Upon my return from New York  this rainy morning in Munich I had the desire to share my  listening to  an  extraordinaire pianist and composer Ezio Bosso. I am overwhelmed by the endless landscapes of emotions that his music delivers to me;  words would not be enough to describe his music, his light and powerful melodies; his slender hand has a magic and may take you where the senses are declined to listen to the world.


I place here one of my favourite pieces “Rain in Your Black Eyes” that he performed in Palazzo Reale in Torino, (2012)

Ezio Bosso has ALS – a form of motor neuron disease. It is obvious that he has to exert enourmous effort to control his muscle movements. That is why the control he shows when playing is stunning.

He is 44 years old and is from Turin. He learned to read music before the letters…thanks to a great aunt pianist began studying music at four years. Then he studied in Vienna, under the guidance and Streicher Österreicher and Schölckner.
At 16, his debut as a soloist. Composer, conductor (including the London Symphony), also wrote the score for “I’m Not Scared”, by Gabriele Salvatores. In 2011 he had to undergo brain surgery for the removal of a tumor that has precipitated, in his words, in “a history of the dark.” After surgery it has been suffering from an autoimmune disease. He had forgotten how to speak and to play, he had to relearn everything. But he did not stop.
Only in 2015 he recorded his first album “The 12th Room”, double CD for only registered plan with public room in Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia).

Here you can see at San Remo Festival his performance at the piano “Following a Bird”published Feb 2, 2016..When Carlo Conti asks Ezio Bosso  ‘where do you find this energy’, Ezio says, ‘La musica è una vera magia, è la nostra vera terapia ‘Music is a real magic, is our true therapy'(at Rai. tv).  What happened to him. He had long ago told La Stampa. “At one point I had lost everything, the language, the music: I remembered it, but I did not understand. I was playing and I cried, for months I could not do anything. The music was not part of my life, was far away, I could not grasp it. I discovered that I could do without it. It was not bad. It was different, it was another experience. I learned that music is part of me, but it’s not me. At best, I am at the service of music.

Tears are unavoidable…  no words…

you may see all the interview here and enjoy “Following A Bird”

Exio Bosso


enjoy here Ezio Bosso e Mario Brunello in concerto al Teatro Sociale di Gualtieri ‘On the Roots-Sonata no 1’

Enjoy here a lovely dance piece, Ezio Bosso as composer in collaboration with choreographer Rafael Bonachela,  winner of Australian Dance Awards 2011 Outstanding Achievement in Choreography,  a symphony of dance, music and artistry performed by the Sydney Dance Company.