Kochel am See; Franz Marc Museum “Das arme Land Tirol” & Annika Kahrs ‘Playing to the Birds’

by Venetia Kapernekas

Franz Marc Jahr 2016 “Das arme Land Tirol”
06. März – 05. Juni 2016

A visit  last Sunday morning at the Franz Marc museum at Kochel lake to a special exhibition as the centenary of Franz Marc’s death falls on 4 March 2016.  A magical day..  This special exhibition is a Trilogy  ‘Franz Marc – Between Utopia and Apocalypse’

02-marc-in-ried-am-kaffetischFranz Marc am Kaffeetisch in Ried, 1914
Foto: Franz Marc Museum, Kochel a. See, Stiftung Etta und Otto Stangl


The Franz Marc Museum is commemorating the painter, one of the most important German Expressionist artists, with three major exhibitions and a number of different events. Three of his main works will be coming (back) to Kochel, to the museum dedicated to the painter, as loans from prominent collections in Europe and the USA and, as such, to the area Franz Marc loved so deeply and from which he drew inspiration. In dialogue with the museum’s own substantial holdings the special aura of these pictures will once again be felt in the place they were first created.

Franz Marc, Das arme Land Tirol, 1913
Öl auf Leinwand, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
© Salomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

“Das arme Land Tirol” (The Unfortunate Land of Tyrol)  is one of Marc’s major
works. It was painted in early 1913 at a time when the
artist was optimistically making plans for the future.
 Nevertheless this landscape, inspired by a trip Marc 
made through Tyrol, is imbued with an inexplicable
 melancholy and a remote sense of danger – a mood 
that also found expression in the sketches and
 watercolours he created at the same time and which
 seems like a premonition of the impending World War.

02-marc-armes-land-tirolDas arme Land Tirol, 1913, Aquarell und Tusche
Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See
Dauerleihgabe der Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, München
04-marc-liegende-hyaeneFranz Marc, Liegende Hyäne (Liegender Wolf), 1913, Aquarell
Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See, Stiftung Etta und Otto Stange © Bayer & Mitko, München

the surrounding  landscape; magical place;  Kochel am See.



photos@Venetia Kapernekas


a beautiful video  installation in the ground floor of the museum “Playing to the Birds” by Annika Kahrs  captures the moment and the beauty;  on view  (6 March-5 June 2016); pianist: Lion Hinnricks; camera:Lars-Peter Prigge

09-kahrs-Still_4Annika Kahrs, Playing to the Birds, 2013
HD film, colour, sound (14 mins), courtesy of the artist and Produzentengalerie Hamburg

This  video installation shows a pianist in a bright room playing “Legend No. 1, St. Francis of Assisi’s sermon  to the Birds” by Franz Liszt, surrounded by birds in cages. With this image of birds listening to music (or the sermon) Annika Kahrs references St. Francis directly. “….Since his death on 4 March 1916 in Wold War I the artist has been compared to the saint. The legend of St. Francis who withdrew from the world to live close to nature, attuned only to god and his creatures, is equally  applicable to Franz Marc.  He too withdrew from the ‘blighted’city of Munich to the ‘Blue Land’ of Upper Bavaria to lead a simple, ‘pure’ life in natural surroundings close to the animals he loved so dearly. “(museum press text)