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Vienna; Velázquez at Kunst Historisches Museum

My wonderful 3 day visit to Vienna with my children by invitation of my wonderful friends Lina and Nikolas included on  Saturday morning to enjoy the amazing show of Velázquez (1599 – 1660) at the Kunst Historishes Museum.

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This major exhibition in collaboration with, among others, the Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid, who holds the largest collection of works by Velázquez and has been the main lender, the National Gallery in London and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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28 October 2014-15 February 2015

The Kunsthistorisches Museum hosts the first show in a German speaking country of the work of the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez (1599 – 1660). In addition to Velázquez’ charming portraits of the royal children – one of the highlights of the Picture Gallery of the Kunsthistorisches Museum – the show comprises other genres such as kitchen still lifes, religious subjects, mythologies and history paintings, offering a comprehensive survey of the master’s versatility and virtuosity. Among the seminal loans to this exhibition are the “Rokeby Venus”, “Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan” and the “Adoration of the Magi”, all of which have never been shown in Vienna. (museum press release)

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my favorite painting and I took time to listen to my wonderful friend Nikolas that we visited together was ‘The Waterseller‘, as many regard Velazquez’s best work from his early years in Seville.  “… throughout Europe, watersellers were essential in Seville. Nonetheless, they were ranked newar the bottom of the social pyramid. But Velazquez reverses this completely and inbues the old man with dignity, although the higher social status of the boy clutching the full glass is clearly indicated by his fine clothes and light skin….”


‘The Waterseller’, c.1922 London, Apsley House, The Wellington Collection  

My beautiful stay was highlighted as I stayed at my friends’ house  on the 19th,  in the beautiful historical villa of Heinrich Schnitzler, son of the great writer Arthur Schnitzler.

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and a visit at cafe  Demel

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and of course a Viennese cafe on Sunday morning at Cafe Central with Lina

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Dear  Lina and Nikolas thank you  for the great hospitality to me and my children over the weekend in Vienna.

Vienna; museum quartier’ ‘in Places of Transitions’

Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson exhibit amongst other artists in Places of Transition, an exhibition opening on January 23 in Museum Quartier in Vienna.

In search of various forms of contemporary models for living, the exhibition „Places of Transition“ at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL shows a selection of international works that examine the visual and discursive possibilities of location-specific transition. On the basis of predominantly photo and video installations, the exhibition explores processes of transformation and in narrative form addresses some of the global changes we have experienced in recent years and decades. The exhibition is curated by visual and cultural theorist Gülsen Bal with artist and curator Walter Seidl.


read more at Icelandic Center blog

Vienna: Leopold Museum, focus on the master pieces of Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt

Egon Schiele, Selbstporträt mit Lampionfrüchten, 1912 © Leopold Museum, Inv. 454

photos: courtesy of Leopold museum (published photos)

A lovely morning on dec 27ht to see the collection of Egon Schiele consists of 188 works on paper and 41 paintings )

see more here 

and the collection Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt eine seiner Katzen im Arm haltend vor seinem Atelier in Wien VIII. Josefstädter Straße 21. Photographie von Moriz Nähr um 1912. © IMAGNO/Austrian Archives

Gustav Klimt once said about himself:
“I can paint and draw. There is no self-portrait of myself. I am not interested in my own person – more in other people, females. […] I paint day by day from morning to night – figurative paintings and landscapes, less often portraits. Already when I should write a simple letter I get frightened like due to imminent seasickness. Those who want to know more about me shall observingly regard my paintings, and try to realize who I am and what I want.“

see more here

Vienna; visit Mumok, (museum moderner kunst Stiftung ludwig wien) “…and Materials and Money and Crisis”

Vienna_Mummok      IMG_3494

photos @ VK

8.11.2013-2.2.2-2014   “…and Materials and Money and Crisis” curated by New York-based curator Richard Birkett.

“…this exhibition looks toward the works of artists who conceptualize unexpected ways in which the constellation of ‘materials’, ‘money’ and ‘crisis’ hang together. The works exhibited here move beyond representational conventions, their distinctive formal and material qualities reflecting internal and external schemata of production and regulation. They work through their own material constitution to capture technical supports and organizational systems in ways that enact breakdowns and intensify internal contradictions in the idealized circulatory system of exchange. As capital flows through a financial system composed of pure media, in which the materiality of price is emancipated from any even illusory reference to physical property,  and Materials and Money and Crisis ask how aspects of materialization within art might be read as a response to crises in the process of valorization. Artist in the exhibition: Terry Atkinson, Maria Eichhorn, Melanie Gilligan, Gareth James, Sam Lewitt, Henrik Olessen, Pratchaya Phinthong, R.H.Quaytman, Lucy Raven, Cheney Thompson,Emily Wardill.

more here

Vienna_ Kunsthalle Wien at Museumsquartier_ “Salon der Angst” exhibition


Gerard Byrne, 1984 and Beyond, 2005-2007 (Still aus der 1. Szene/still from scene 1), © Gerard Byrne, Courtesy Gerard Byrne und/and Lisson Gallery, London

curators: Nicholaus Schaufhausen (director of Kunsthalle) and Catherine Hug

“Fear and anxiety are familiar to all. Salon der Angst at the Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier will not only focus on generalised feelings of insecurity and threat, but also on how culture shapes both individual and collective experiences of fear and fearful events. Depictions of fear, terror, and the distraught are well-tread in art history, but also characterize a younger generation’s artistic practice that responds to a contemporary society rife with new and specific fears and insecurities.

The exhibition Salon der Angst explores the artistic confrontation with the fears of our time across a broad affective and socio-political spectrum. Fear is here understood as a response to those aspects of the present that we do not know how to deal with it. The artists in this exhibition address these fears in terms of a history of ideas, but also their specific psychological manifestations. The preoccupation with fear and anxiety in art therefore turns out to be an exacting look at the treatment (and production) through the media of a human emotion at once both familiar and elusive.

Participating artists: Nel Aerts, Özlem Altin, Kader Attia, Gerard Byrne, Los Carpinteros, James Ensor, Ieva Epnere, Harun Farocki, Marina Faust, Didier Faustino, Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Rainer Ganahl, Agnès Geoffray, Thomas Hirschhorn, Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange, Cameron Jamie, Jesse Jones, Dorota Jurczak, Ferdinand van Kessel, Bouchra Khalili, Eva Kotátková, Nicolas Kozakis / Raoul Vaneigem, Alfred Kubin, Erik van Lieshout, Jen Liu, Marko Lulić, Fabian Marti, Florin Mitroi, Marcel Odenbach, Jane Ostermann-Petersen, Francis Picabia, Willem de Rooij, Allan Sekula, Zin Taylor, Noam Toran, Kerry Tribe, Peter Wächtler, Jeff Wall, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing, Tobias Zielony.”

@kunsthalle’s press release

kunsthalle Wien website

Vienna : “Lucian Freud” at Kunst Historiches Museum

8 october 2013-6 january 2014


photo: courtesy of Historisches Museum;(published photo)

“….This exhibition, the first ever to be shown in Austria, presents a concise survey of his 70-year working career from an early wartime self-portrait of 1943 to the final, unfinished painting that remained in his studio at the time of his death in July 2011. It covers a range of different genres, from portraits of his family, close friends, wives and lovers, neighbours, fellow artists, aristocrats, working-class associates and animals, to still lifes, landscapes and -arguably his most sustained and remarkable achievement -his own self-portraits…. Presented within the Kunsthistorisches Museum, whose collections span almost four thousand years from Ancient Egypt to the great painters of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, the exhibition also provides a unique opportunity to consider and examine Freud’s interest in the art of the past. Freud’s awareness and profound understanding of art history stand like bookends to his remarkable life.  Growing up in Berlin between the wars, his childhood home was decorated with prints of Old Master paintings and drawings by Dürer, Titian, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, including two seasonal landscapes from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Hunters in the Snow and the Return of the Herd, a gift to the young Lucian from his grandfather Sigmund.




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