Vienna; visit Mumok, (museum moderner kunst Stiftung ludwig wien) “…and Materials and Money and Crisis”

by Venetia Kapernekas

Vienna_Mummok      IMG_3494

photos @ VK

8.11.2013-2.2.2-2014   “…and Materials and Money and Crisis” curated by New York-based curator Richard Birkett.

“…this exhibition looks toward the works of artists who conceptualize unexpected ways in which the constellation of ‘materials’, ‘money’ and ‘crisis’ hang together. The works exhibited here move beyond representational conventions, their distinctive formal and material qualities reflecting internal and external schemata of production and regulation. They work through their own material constitution to capture technical supports and organizational systems in ways that enact breakdowns and intensify internal contradictions in the idealized circulatory system of exchange. As capital flows through a financial system composed of pure media, in which the materiality of price is emancipated from any even illusory reference to physical property,  and Materials and Money and Crisis ask how aspects of materialization within art might be read as a response to crises in the process of valorization. Artist in the exhibition: Terry Atkinson, Maria Eichhorn, Melanie Gilligan, Gareth James, Sam Lewitt, Henrik Olessen, Pratchaya Phinthong, R.H.Quaytman, Lucy Raven, Cheney Thompson,Emily Wardill.

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