Berlin; Eigen+Art Lab “still (not) moving” 3 artist exhibition, curated by Prof. Dr.Dieter Daniels

by Venetia Kapernekas


A very interesting and challenging exhibition with curator Prof. Dr Dieter Daniels presenting  three positions from the field of Visual Media. photos@courtesy of Eigen+Art Lab.

In their works ,Yvon Chabrowski, David Claerbout, and Albrecht Pischel ask about the interstitial world between still and moving pictures that is newly arising through digitalization and changed cultural practices. Their refreshing indeterminacy opens up a still little-known aesthetic terrain that can be described either as a hybrid between or as a synthesis of photography and film/video. (gallery press release)
Yvon Chabrowski_Schutthaufen

Yvon Chabrowski transforms pictures from the mass media into the reflective space of a new, slowed down temporality. In Dramatische Funde im Schutthaufen (Dramatic finds in the rubble heap), she turns a press photo of a police operation in the ruins of the home that the neo-Nazi terror group NSU burned down in the city of Zwickau into a performance with actors who, caught in a video loop, are caught forever in their search for forensic evidence. 


David Claerbout is the “classic” of this new interstitial world and has been working since the 1990s primarily at the interfaces of photo/film/video and the digital image. With Untitled (Single Channel View) from 1998-2000, we are consciously showing an already “historical work” by Claerbout in dialog with the two younger artists. …..



Albrecht Pischel presents his works in the analog medium of film, but his content relates to painting as well as to photography and digital techniques. The 8-millimeter film “Now is forever New” was shot, unnoticed, with a hand camera in front of Barnett Newman’s original painting “Vir heroicus sublimis” in the New York Museum of Modern Art……

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